2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: S Kendell Davis-Clark (KDC) #38

Hondo S. Carpenter

2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â S Kendell Davis-Clark (KDC)Â #38

Height: 5’11”

Weight:Â 209

2009 Eligibility:Â Senior

EXP:Â 3 Letters

Status:Â Projected Starting Free Safety


Strengths: KDC has struggled with injuries and even sat out the spring. If he can make a full recovery he could be sitting on the precipice of a huge senior season. In the Cal game, during the second quarter you saw a terrific play that illustrates the great passion that KDC plays with. The play was away from him and he read it. When most people wouldn’t pursue he went full speed downfield and across the field to make a touchdown saving tackle.


KDC plays all out. He is a reckless and fearless player and it is a great example at how he plays the game all out. When healthy, KDC makes the plays. In the Spartan defensive scheme the safety has to play both in run support and drop into coverage and the way the Spartans like to blitz CBs they have to be able to do both. KDC, when healthy, can.


Here is another example. Against UM the Wolverines had a second and seven. UM ran a short outlet pass into the flat and KDC saw the play and attacked laying a voracious hit on the play giving UM only a one-yard gain.


Weakness: Let’s take a look at his weakness. First and foremost is the ability to stay healthy. Some guys are always injured because they can’t comprehend the difference between being injured and hurt. KDC has no issues playing while hurt. He is a warrior. He is a guy that genuinely plays hurt and even occasionally while injured. He plays so aggressively that he sometimes can injure his body when he uses it as a weapon.


However, here is an example of a weakness from a play. Against Wisconsin in the first quarter the Badgers had a second and ten at their own 29. He had the Badgers RB (Hill) dead to rights at the line of scrimmage and dove for the monster hit and completely missed him and that allowed Hill to pick up a six-yard gain.


Often times in our lives we are told that our biggest weakness can be our biggest strength. In the case of KDC he is such a tough player that he goes for the big Sportscenter hit and he fails when he could just make the play. Now I want to make one thing clear. I don’t think, like some players, that KDC goes after the monster hit to be on TV. He does it because he is a brutal football player and I love that. He needs, however, to concentrate more on the technique rather than on the destruction. It is better to make the play all the time than miss occasionally trying to tear someone apart. So many guys you say that other about, KDC is a prime example of the other.


Final Analysis: If healthy, KDC delivers the big blow that Pat Narduzzi covets in his secondary from a safety. The full health of KDC will be better ascertained in fall practice, but if he is 100% and stays that way, he will have a big senior year. The Spartans front seven will be very good this season and teams will try to attack the DBs of MSU. If KDC is healthy, that is 25% of what could be a critical MSU defensive backfield.

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