2011 Michigan State Football Player Profile: QB Andrew Maxwell

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2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #10 QB Andrew Maxwell

Expectation:Â Back up QB Future Starter and NFL Prospect

Height:  6’4”

Weight:Â 215#

2011 Eligibility:Â Sophomore

EXP:Â 1 Letter

Status:Â Back up QB Future Starter and NFL Prospect

Strengths: Last year against Northern Colorado in the fourth quarter the Spartans had a third and eight with just over 6:40 left in the game. They were at the Northern Colorado 47. He threw a ball 55-yards in the air under pressure. It was incomplete, but he showed what some think is a better arm than Cousins and all the smarts. Maxwell is a star, folks…a true star on and off the field.

Weakness: If one were being 100% honest it is almost unfair to characterize a weakness in the game of Maxwell. He is perhaps the most talented QB MSU has EVER had. Yes, I said EVER. Against the Boilermakers the Spartans faced a third and two at the Boilers 38 in the first quarter. Maxwell had a five-step drop on a play action pass and he overthrew his WR. That is only a matter of timing and frankly you can only get that with game experience. The staff did a terrible job of getting Maxwell as many reps as he should have last season and I expect that to get fixed this season. He won’t start three years like Cousins, but he will have a better first year than Kirk did next season and could leave a better overall QB.

Final Analysis: My praise of Maxwell is not a disrespect of Cousins, just a statement of the amazing talent that Maxwell has. He will be special and frankly already is a special young man.