2011 Michigan State Spartan Football Profile: #2 DE William Gholston

Hondo S. Carpenter

2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #2 DE William Gholston

Expectation:  Starting DE

Height:  6’7”

Weight:  280#

2011 Eligibility:  Sophomore

EXP:Â 1 Letter

Status:Â Starting DE

Weakness: Against Notre Dame in the third quarter the Irish had the ball with a first and ten at the MSU 26 with 2:15 on the clock. William came up, engaged the OT, and was stopped dead in his tracks. He has always stepped on the football field and had the sick amazing skills that made everyone look stupid. He has NEVER had to focus on technique. He was always the big dog. He still is many times athletically superior, but now that he is at MSU, he has to learn technique. He can. It is still the process of breaking bad habits.

Strengths:  Since William is an amazing player; let’s do something amazing in analyzing him. Let’s look at the exact same play mentioned above to illustrate his strengths. Remember the same exact play. After using poor technique at the point of attack and getting stopped, he used his great vision, identified where the ball carrier was, went sixteen yards down field, and made the tackle. Like I said, SICK! His amazing athleticism allowed a DL to go downfield sixteen yards to make the tackle.

Final Analysis:  William is a freak of nature athletically. As special as he is athletically, he is a better human being. William is a kind and gentle young man, the absolute perfect example of a student athlete, and what you want all young men to be. He will play in the NFL, he is a victim of simply being so good so young and needing to learn the position. Don’t worry he is not one of those blessed young men with all the talent and no heart. He loves football.

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