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2012 Rewind Look at Mark Dantonio & Michigan State Football's Amazing 2010 Recruiting Class

1.           William Gholston DE/LB 6’8” 239# Detroit, MI: Original class ranking: #1 Gholston makes us look good. He has lived up to all the hype and has the NFL drooling that 2012 will be his last in East Lansing.

2.           Max Bullough MLB 6’3” 233# Traverse City, MI: Original class ranking: #2 Bullough like Gholston makes us look good. He stays at #2 with all the intangibles. Whether it is 2012 or 2013 he will have a great career in the NFL when done in East Lansing.

3.           Mike Sadler P/K 6’1” 188” Grand Rapids, MI: Original class ranking: #3 We took a lot of criticism for ranking Sadler this high, but he has proven to be the best punter in the nation for the 2010 class and also will have a great and long NFL career.

4.           LeVeon Bell RB 6’2” 221# Reynoldsburg, OH: Original class ranking: #21 Bell is living proof that the star system stinks. The one thing no one can measure is heart and he has it. He will laugh all the way to the bank when he gets to the NFL because he is a high character young man and he plays football with all of his heart. Give me 22 LeVeon Bell’s and we would win a national title

5.           Isaiah Lewis S 5’11” 193# Indianapolis, IN: Original class ranking: #5 Lewis is on the cusp of becoming a star. A true star. He plays with reckless abandon that both hurts him and helps him, but with another year of maturity, he will only get better.

6.           Darqueze Dennard 5’11” 170# Dry Branch, GA: Original class ranking: #20 A playmaker deluxe DD has the upside to move way up on this list when his career is over. He is a ball hawk with a nose for action.

7.           Marcus Rush DE 6’3” 238# Cincinnati, OH: Original class ranking: #10 This is a super class, but Rush has the potential with all the NFL talent ahead of him to still move up. Had a sensational 2011 season and the Spartans are banking on he and Gholston owning the edge n 2012.

8.           Anthony Rashad White DT 6’2” 316# Battle Creek, MI: Original class ranking: #16 White has gotten better and better. If he can truly grasp conditioning this off-season he can play himself into the NFL. A space eater whose play won the Spartans the 2012 Outback Bowl.

9.           Travis Jackson G 6’4” 278# New Albany, OH: Original class ranking: #8 Came on last spring and stood the team on it’s ear. Suffered an injury early before the season, but finished strong. Will compete with Jack Allen for the starting C job in 2012, but will be a starter on the OL at C or G.

10.       Tony Lippett WR 6’3” 191# Detroit, MI: Original class ranking: #15 The playmaker of this class will spend a lot of time on the D as a CB in 2012. Has all the tools and intangibles to play in the NFL, simply needs reps now.

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11.       Jeremy Langford RB/WR 6’ 188# Wayne, MI: Original class ranking: #13 Will get a lot of reps at RB this spring, but showed flashes on D with some big play skills. Will benefit from another year of maturity, but year three is the most critical year for a recruit. With that in mind I can’t wait to see his 2012 campaign.

12.       Nick Hill RB 5’6” 185” Chelsea, MI: Original class ranking: #12 A great talent and a super kid he has made an impact on special teams. With this being year three and Rock Baker gone, now is the time to make a move. Will start spring as the #3 RB.

13.       Niko Palazeti FB 6’2” 244# Northville, MI: Original class ranking: #17 This big powerful young man will for sure move up this list.  2012 he is the man at full back and he brings a Corey Schlesinger type killer instinct. Don’t look for his number on Saturday’s just look for the bodies in his wake.

14.       Skyler (Schofner) Burkland OT 6’7” 281# Sunbury, OH: Original class ranking: #4 Schofner will no doubt be way back up the list when is career is over. He suffered a season ending injury that cost him his starting RT spot that he had earned. This mountain of a man will no doubt be back and will push the current OT starters who both return for his job back.

15.       Mylan Hicks CB 5’11” 186# Detroit, MI: Original class ranking: #9 Mylan came in with a lot of promise and grit. He simply has not done enough to win a spot. Not because he lacks talent, he is just surrounded with it.

16.       Keith Mumphery WR 6’1” 202# Vienna, GA: Original class ranking: #7 Like Hicks, Mumphery has had a lot of talent around him. 2012 is his shot. He will get it. He needs to come out this spring like a man on a mission and let the world and those incoming freshman he paid his dues and so will they. When of the most interesting players to watch this spring.

17.       Kurtis Drummond S 6’2” 201# Masury, OH: Original class ranking: #11 similar to Hicks in that he has the talent and skill, but so do many players around him. In critical year three can he step up? Another key to watch in 2012.

18.       Michael Dennis OT 6’7” 275# Carey, OH: Original class ranking: #18 Saw time in two games in 2011, but he is an OL and now is the time to make a push. Great physical specimen and a great kid. Yet again, another 2012 spring watcher!

19.       Taylor Calero DE 6’3” 235# Beverly Hills, MI: Original class ranking: #19 So much talent surrounds Calero the question is what can he do to separate himself from the pack. In a players career year three is the most critical. I know it sound repetitive because I have said it so much in this article, but this spring he has to make a move.

Not with the program

Justin Wilson LB 6’ 221# Davie, FL

Joe Boisture QB 6’6” 211# Saline, MI