A Pro Bowler In Life - Flozell Adams Talks with Spartan Nation

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Flozell recently joined Hondo on Spartan Nation Radio.  This man nicknamed the, "Hotel" has made the Spartan Nation proud!

Flozell recently joined Hondo on Spartan Nation Radio. This man nicknamed the, "Hotel" has made the Spartan Nation proud!


For those of us out there who eat, sleep, and breathe football, many football players get us pumped up. Guys like Hondo and I get really excited talking about offensive and defensive linemen. We know that it’s the play of the line that really makes or breaks a football team. How can you run the ball if no one is blocking? Same thing goes for passing the ball. When you examine the illustrious history of Michigan State football, there have been plenty of “big uglies” that carved out a nice NFL career after wearing that block S or Spartan head. One of those tough son of a guns is offensive tackle Flozell Adams.

Flozell has been keeping busy during the lockout. Like most players, he works out every morning. After that, he has free time to do activities he normally wouldn’t be able to do if he was back with his teammates. Adams is a guy like Hondo and I as he loves football and it encompasses much of his thoughts. He knows that it’s a gift and he cherishes every moment while keeping that infectious smile on his face. Even little kids notice that Flozell is always smiling. Hondo’s son calls him the “Smiling Spartan.” Even after all these years since he left MSU, many fans and alumni still follow his career and wear his jerseys.

Flozell is in favor of a rookie wage scale with more money going toward older players who have earned it. He also said that the condition of his support is that the rookies get the money they need and not get ripped off. Undoubtedly, he remembers the struggles of being a young player just getting to the NFL and not having a lot of money. Flozell says you need a sense of pride when playing in the NFL. While the money is nice, if you don’t have the passion, you won’t last.

As far as his thoughts on Dantonio, he likes what he sees. The tenacity and toughness is there under his leadership. Even the small things like a ground game and short passes are there and have contributed to the guys wanting to put their hand in the dirt and get after someone…not just pass protect. Flozell especially likes when he sees receivers getting dirty and making great blocks. That’s when you’ll hear him screaming and jumping up and down while in his hotel room. With MSU beating U of M three straight years, there has been some smack talk in the Pittsburgh Steeler’s locker room between Adams and former Michigan players. This year, in the days leading up to the game, both sides were getting in their verbal jabs, but the pleasure belonged to Flozell after the game.

Michigan State laid a foundation by helping him grow up a lot. Being a student athlete keeps you grounded because not only do you have to get into the playbook, but the text book as well. Sometimes, he was forced to do things he didn’t feel like, but did it anyway because he could see the benefit. This small thing has carried over to life for Flozell, undoubtedly like many lessons learned while playing football. Social media has opened up a can of worms. Sometimes, players use these things and get into trouble. Flozell is fine with players using them, but says they should be careful on what they say and how they say it.

The one part of the NFL that can be tough to deal with is the business aspect of it. One minute, you are the toast of the town, and the next, well, you are looking at places to live in a different town. It’s the tough end of the business aspect when every year someone is trying to take your job. Most NFL players are role models, whether they like it or not. Flozell doesn’t have any kids of his own, but wants to be someone who kids can look up to as a guy who does what he’s supposed to do and accept responsibilities. They need to stick with it and work hard to accomplish the goals they set out to obtain. Flozell knows that MSU is full of blue collar kids. They come from families without tons of money, but that makes no difference in the classroom. It means that MSU students and alumni are willing to work hard.

After 12 seasons and five pro bowls, this second round draft pick hasn’t lost sight of what is important.  He plays the game in a way we all can appreciate. Sure, he gets nasty and had a rule made because of his actions, but that’s how offensive linemen are supposed to play. While he might have a nasty streak once he straps it up, off the field he is as sweet as pie. Not many people can make Hondo feel small, but Flozell “The Hotel” Adams is that large. A smile that can light up a room and success on the field has kept MSU fans following his career years after he left the program.  This makes him one of the best Spartans in recent memory in my opinion. Here’s hoping that he can play as long as he wishes and have a very successful post NFL career. All of us in the Spartan Nation are pulling for you. Now go get that ring!