Amazing Stanton is "clearly the number 3 QB" based on impressions at the Senior Bowl!

Hondo S. Carpenter

“You just watch him and think: wow!” That was what one NFL GM told me this morning about the performance of the Spartan Nation’s Drew Stanton at the Senior Bowl practices going on this week in Mobile. He went on to elaborate…”I don’t watch a lot of film until a guy declares or is eligible and with all the up and downs of MSU under his career, I figured he had talent but lacked discipline. I was really wrong. I don’t know what they had in the water in East Lansing Hondo, but this kid is the real deal. My scouts kept telling me that a lot of his interceptions and bad plays were because he was trying to make plays. I would have to agree with that. He is teachable and smart and that kid is a star. I would say that he is behind Russ (from LSU) and Quinn (Notre Dame) but he is clearly number 3.”

Those are great words from Mobile were Drew is making all the right impressions. One offensive coordinator said this “Drew is smart. You don’t have to tell him things twice. He is like a sponge. If he had been in South Bend he would be the clear number one. He just is behind Quinn because he hasn’t had the coaching.”

One scout from an AFC team that is looking for a signal caller “I would have no problem snagging that kid. He is big, tough and he isn’t afraid of nothing. I heard that he had accuracy issues, but I think he had coaching issues. He is such a fighter. We saw that today at practice, he just doesn’t put up with crap. I think a lot of his issues at MSU were he was trying to do too much to make up for so little. You put that kid at about ten other schools and he is a number one type guy. Today in practice he was barking at the receivers and Gruden just looked at him and then at us and smiled. Here he is on a field with a bunch of NFL coaches and he is telling kids what to do. That is a leader.”

Finally one NFC scout summed up what a lot of us already know about Drew: “You never have to tell him something twice. He hasn’t had the coaching that Quinn has, if he doesn’t know he asks until he does. After he gets it, he does not repeat mistakes. You can coach a kid, but you can’t teach brains. He has them. Sky is the limit on that kid.”

Good job Drew!

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