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Answering Your Michigan State Football Emails and Questions...

Hondo, I began to be concerned about this football season this summer. And I have had no reason to doubt my concerns. From Coach Dantonio’s "Where's the threat" to "Twittergate" this team and program look an awful lot like a bunch that got way too happy with what they had accomplished and forgot what it took to accomplish it. The team now looks like one that is struggling to catch-up preparation-wise. The penalties and personal fouls appear to be frustration boiling over. Mike

I will tell you that I have got several emails and questions like this. I think that there are some on this team that weren’t here for the struggle that was MSU football; that battle to get up the mountain.

 Just like as many of our WWII vets pass, many forget the lessons of that war and what we fought for. As the PC police rewrite WWII sadly many forget those lessons. We all know that wars are far more important than football, but the metaphor remains the same. Those who remember have a far greater appreciation than those who come after. I think there are some younger players on this team that because they didn’t experience the down times, maybe they don’t appreciate what it takes to stay there.

 I have not lost faith in the program or Coach Dantonio at all. I do think that they are at a crucial moment. They must evolve. I will get more into this in the offseason, but I don’t think Dantonio is resting on his success. Are there some that maybe took success for granted? Sure, I think that is natural, but that is NOT the reason this team is struggling. They are working hard and Twittergate and other things are easy to point at when times are tough, but they have nothing to do with the struggles.

 There have been a lot of things gone wrong, but hard work has not left. Arrogance has not become the norm. I just think when a season has so much expectation, not fueled by the media, but by the program, and those expectations aren’t being realized, that it is easy to nitpick.


Hondo - there has been a lot of web traffic about the students leaving games early. I can't imagine doing that as a student and now living several hundred miles away appreciate those seven Saturdays each year more than ever. I've attended games at three Big 12 stadiums recently and they allow ticket holders to exit and re-enter freely. I think this is a great policy and might keep MSU student seats full if they have a chance to hit their tailgate at halftime to recharge then return for the second half. Sound reasonable? Go Green!!!! Rick Truxal

Don’t like it all. I think that it is easy as a grown man to reflect on the students and how you would treat it differently. How many things as grown men do we look back at and think “Only if.” I don’t like it, but I would fix it another way. I would do what they do with the Izzone. Keep tabs on who is there and when people don’t show up, you deal with them. I will say that there were a ton of the high dollar seats empty. None of them like the student section, but still a ton. As MSU football continues to improve and costs keep going up, people are going to treat it more and more like a pro sport than a college. I don’t like it, but it is a reality that isn’t going away.


Hondo, Roushar needs to go! Last year’s ND and NE was the telling tale for things to come, and with exception of this year’s CMU game, the play calling, and the use of players makes no sense; empty backfield on third and shorts? Bringing Connor Cook in on third and 4 and try to pull an option off? 6 minutes to go in the game and two incomplete passes, use 40 seconds off the clock? He states players need to make plays, but the OC needs to put the players in situations so plays can be made, he is awful. In my career, making changes is never easy, this guy could have the NE Patriot's offense and it wouldn't make a difference. MD needs to make the change, Craig

Thanks for the email Craig, but Roushar is not the issue. Coach D doesn’t call the plays, but he does tell him to “Run the ball.” We have had two OCs in his tenure. Both of them have taken the brunt of the ire for the same reasons. Both are paid to execute the philosophy their coach calls for and both have to follow his call on the headset. Roushar is NOT the problem at all.


Hondo, you are a fat, ugly, worthless excuse for a human being. We are going to crush your sparties on Saturday. The only question I have for you is how are you going to deal with never beating the Wolverine Nation for as long as Coach Hoke stays in Ann Arbor? While I was attending Michigan we never lost to moo you. Coach Hoke has us back.  I watch your TV show and listen to your radio show and read your stuff for the pure comedy. See you in Ann Arbor fat boy. Brian in Troy

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First, I want to thank you for watching, listening, and reading. Secondly, I respect you for putting your name on an email like this. Lastly, I would like fries with my Big Mac.


Hondo, can you tell me the percentage chance that Dantonio fires Roushar after the year? Is he the only coach that should get canned? Chris

There is a 0% chance that Roushar gets fired.  I do think he needs to take a long hard look at his staff; more after the year.


Hondo, I think people are underestimating the loss of Fou Fonoti. How can they not understand that this offense is struggling because he is out? Pat

Pat, I agree that the loss of Fou was big. I do not think it is the entire reason that the offense struggles. They also lost Tready and Travis Jackson, but none of them were replaced by freshmen or people without experience. The OL losses are big, but not insurmountable.


Hondo, I am glad that Hollis honored Biggie Munn and Duffy Daugherty. I want to see George Perles’s name up on the stadium before he passes. He has earned it. Brett in North Carolina

I love Coach Perles. I am very close to coach. I think that honor should be reserved for people that have won national titles.


Hondo, I think it is time to shut Maxwell down. We have nothing to lose. Do you think it is time to go with Cook? William

No I don’t. Has Maxwell started were Kirk left off? No, he hasn’t, but he is not the issue. I have got this a lot and I must confess that I wonder if some of you are watching the same games that I am.