Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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LJ Scott on the loose.  (PHOTO:  Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )

LJ Scott on the loose. (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )

Answering your #5 Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo with all the stuff going on is the 2019 class going to take a big hit? You always thought this was going to be special. My hope is when school and coaches clear the air it may return to special. Your thoughts. Ray K.

I think the 2019 class can be and should be the best of the Dantonio time. Not sure what “Stuff” you are referring to, but I have zero concerns about this class at this time.

Hondo with Spencer Brown out taking other visits are the Spartans in danger of losing him? C. Hunt

No. He is a Spartan and a good. Super kid.

Hondo I saw that Julian Barnett took a visit to Ohio State. Did the ESPN crap kill our class? Is he good as gone? Is Mark Dantonio going to pull his offer like he has others in the past? Mike Crenshaw

ESPN can’t and didn’t kill anything. He is not good as gone at all. Mark Dantonio IS NOT going to pull his offer. He did nothing to get an offer pulled whereas others in the past have.

Hondo you have said many times you think 2019 has the potential to be the best class of the Mark Dantonio era. Do you still feel that way? Maurice Carter

Yes, I feel that way, more than ever.

Hondo if you had to guess as to who backs up LJ Scott who do you think? I have heard a lot of talk about Elijah Collins or the kid with the bum knee? Trenton Carey

Connor Heyward will get that spot to open spring and the battle in the fall will be for third.

Hondo I know that Weston Bridgeswas injured in high school and then missed this year redshirting. Will he be ready to go come spring? Bob Crumb

I reported early last year that Weston was going to sit out the spring this year and will in fall camp ready to rock and roll. Bridges is a super young man and when 100% is a star RB. I look for him to make a big play for time in the fall.

Hondo can you give me a name of someone you are watching closely this spring? Thanks to Spartan Nation. William Donaldson

DeAri Todd for sure. Along with Justice Alexander, Jakub Panasiuk, Dillon Alexander, Cole Chewins, Jordan Reid and AJ Arcuri.

Hondo give me a name of a player that is not getting any love for All-Big Ten teams on offense and defense next year that you think has a shot of being there when the season is over, please. Joe Rochester

OLB Antjuan Simmons, I expect to be a starter this year and Kevin Jarvis will be right in the mix. Both super young people and both great players.

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