Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hi Hondo. Love Spartan Nation and listen to your radio show every night. You have referenced on several times that Connor Cook is a potential #1 NFL draft pick. Do you think he would leave early? Tim Dennis

If he was a first round pick I have no doubt he would. Very few players would turn that down.

Hondo, I have read a few articles of people talking to Connor Cook about going pro. Have you talked to him about it? Melissa Wright

No. He is not even through 1/3 of the season. I just don’t understand that. I have read people talking about his prospects and have no issues with that, but to talk with him now puts the kid in a bad spot and on principle isn’t fair in my opinion.

Hondo, I hear some in the media clamoring for Madre London to break the redshirt and play and others saying he won’t. You have been emphatic he will not play. Still stand by that? Kirt Reams

I have not read anyone saying he should or will play. If there is an injury, he will, and if there are no injuries, he won’t. There is no debate.

Hondo, love your work and insight. Is it safe to say Langford was not at 100% for the Oregon game and do they expect him to be 100%? Kevin Crabtree

Safe for sure. I do not think he will be 100% this week either, but I also want to see a full load of Delton Williams; hopefully, at least a half. I trust Jeremy will be fine when we get to the Big Ten and that is what matters.

Hondo, I am a big Michigan fan, but I do respect your work. I was reading a report that if Michigan fires Brady Hoke that Kevin Sumlin was an option. I remember it was you who broke he was getting the Texas A/M job and that it was you who broke Narduzzi was interviewing for the job and subsequently that he wasn’t taking it. So it appears you have either a relationship or connection to Coach Sumlin. Do you have any clue if UM could get him? Chris Premiere

I do have a connection to Kevin and I can tell you with 100% certainty and NOT guessing that he would absolutely have zero interest in the job. Take it or leave it, but my track record with Sumlin information is rock solid as you noted. Thanks Chris.

Hondo, should we be concerned about the offensive line? Scott Lehr

No. The Spartan offensive line will be fine.

Hondo, There seems to be some disagreement over whether the starters should have played longer against Jacksonville. Mark made it clear that he would not have done things differently even with the value of hindsight. Is there a rift starting between Dantonio and Narduzzi? Max McDonald Sr.

Not a lot. Dantonio and Narduzzi thought differently. I can tell you that both men are close, comfortable in their own skin, and unlike some coaches that muzzle their staff, Dantonio wants his staff to speak their mind. In coaches meetings he wants Narduzzi down to the janitor emptying trash to speak up if they disagree. No rift because the respect is VERY evident.

I just watched your Spartan Nation TV (post Oregon Game). Super, super, of the best sports shows I have seen, as good as any of the broadcast shows on the BTN and ESPN. Keep up the good work. Jim McClain

Those are very kind words. Thank you very much.

According to the Oregon sports press, Michigan State needs to consistently "overachieve" to beat the top tier teams since it only averages half the scholarship players. How much stock do you put in that assessment? Rick Sikorski

Scholarship numbers are set by the NCAA, not the B1G or the PAC 12. I assure you both teams are allowed the same amount of players.

Hondo, this may be something, it may be nothing, but I think you are the man to ask. Where I live (please don’t use the city and state) I have a neighbor who is a NFL scout for (team withheld) and of course he always sees my Spartan flag. He doesn’t scout MSU, they may send him to look and evaluate someone at the combine or on a pro day or individual workout, but it is not his main job. He is always giving me MSU information that comes from his scout who is the MSU person. He told me recently that Dantonio was “Pretty burnt” about the lack of MSU players drafted last year and made it known. He also said that MSU has one of the worst access policies for NFL scouts. Do you have any idea? What are your thoughts? Seems like that could hurt us. Kyle

Kyle, I have also heard that he was pretty upset by the number of players that got picked, and I can also tell you that in talking to NFL people I know, the Spartans do offer less access than some. The NFL is about winning and you can’t win without players. In the end, if MSU has the players they will get the looks. I don’t think you need to worry.

There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.