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Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

In a recent fb Q & A you stated "MSU has not had a talent deficit in my opinion; it has been a development issue." If that's the case; has anything changed since the ending of the 2012 season to make you feel that the O line will be any better (outside of injuries) for the upcoming fb season? Are the same coaches responsible for the O line? Dave

First, you need to know that titles don’t matter. Jim Bollman is in charge of the OL. Secondly, I think he and Mark Staten can have a big impact in 2013. So I do feel it can be better and expect it.

Is there a vehicle in place for us to help the Coaches Salary/Recruiting Budget issues? It just seems that the average joe (that is a season ticket holder for 10+ years) should be able to contribute to these areas. I'd really appreciate any info you can give. Thanks! Jason Imm

Jason, I have said before and reiterate here: MSU does not have a revenue problem in athletics. They have a problem of an overbearing administration that has major spending issues of their own and they see the money that athletics generates and salivates. MSU fans need to start asking the trustees what they are going to do to fix the problem that MSU has with the amount of money the administration takes. Remember that the administration has a boss and that is the trustees. They have failed in not leading on this issue. They have let it hit a critical point. I expect later this month that they may take a lead on this issue, but I am a wait and see guy on what the board will actually do.

Hondo, Mark Hollis recently has been critical of the student body for not showing up or not staying at football games. I go back and forth on his comments and would love your thoughts. Jared

First, I can tell you that there has been no one in the media as supportive of Mark Hollis as I am. I can also tell you that I didn’t take his comments as calling out the students, but rather talking honestly about a troubling issue.

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Last season for the first time ever in the Big Ten TV, revenue was bigger than ticket revenue. I think that Hollis needs only to look to Tuscaloosa and see that they had some of the same issues with students.

I think MSU has hurt itself with all the over-reactive restrictions on tailgating, on the ridiculous inspections at the game gates, and the general over regulation of every part of the pregame experience. MSU football has become a big business. Students and fans alike are paying a lot for the games and MSU can’t afford to make last season happen on a regular basis. If they do people will stop paying for it.

The MSU administration, in my opinion (non-athletic), is counting on Spartan fans paying like they are and showing up like cattle every year. I do not think they are arrogant; I think they are at best naïve and at worst ignorant of reality.

The board is very aware. VERY. They know that things are at a critical point and they are planning to look at it this month. The results financially in donations, ticket renewals, and other areas as a result of last year have not been good.

One former MSU President of the Board said this to me last week. “If we were to have two seasons back-to-back like last year the impact could be catastrophic. Football competitiveness is not defined by getting to a bowl or not. I am concerned because there is some in leadership that feel it is defined by that. The real and true definition of competitiveness in football is every season our fans knowing we have a legitimate shot to win the Big Ten. Not winning it every year, but a legitimate shot to win the Big Ten. We have the coach. We have to make sure he has all the tools he needs to win. Not what is said in public, but what is said in private.”

Hondo, Who are the top 5 or so players that you think threaten the Spartans the most (hopefully they all play for other teams)? It seems like Narduzzi's Dawgs can lock down a threat like Braxton or Taylor, but I'm curious to hear from you on which players we should be most on the watch out for in the upcoming season. – Josh

Great question Josh. I would say 1) Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees has been named the starter according to Brian Kelly. I thought MSU would lose this game, until they lost their QB Everett Golson. Will Rees still be the QB when they play MSU? It doesn’t matter. The Spartans getting a win at Notre Dame is critical for a big season. 2/3) Kain Colter/Trevor Siemian Northwestern QB studs. Both could start at several Big Ten schools. I hate a two QB system, but this works and works well. The fact that they can sustain an injury and keep going is a big deal. Both QBs are studs and both QBs are the real deal. 4) Taylor Martinez is a star. How he goes is how the Huskers go. He will give the Spartans fits. Can MSU find a way to stop him? 5) Devin Gardner QB UM: How will he adjust and can they get players around him to make him better? He has a chance to be special.

There you go everyone, another week of your MSU FB questions and emails. Do you have one for next week? Email me at and in the subject line include FB Q/A and you must include your name!