Answering your Michigan State Football Questions & Emails...

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions…


Hondo, With the difficulties that State has had with receivers why not move Larry Caper to a wide receiver or slot receiver position? Peter Caffrey

Hi Peter. I have been asked this by a bunch of people. Larry is a great pass catching RB, but doesn’t have the game of a WR. He is a north south runner, more straight ahead and the passing game is such a cut and route type position. We know he can catch, as can LeVeon, so maybe in my ISO stuff, but not as a true WR buddy.

Hondo, When a pass is called on a 3rd and long, why do we throw short so much of the time? Tim

When it is designed that way it drives me nuts. John Madden, the NFL Raider/MNF Commentator/Video Game Guru, and I discussed this once. He said to me, “There is no reason for a WR to be anywhere before the first down flag.” I can understand that if you have a scrambling QB and a WR comes back, or an occasional special play, but that is it. I hate to see it. It seems at times MSU does it nearly every time. I don’t like it either. One day when I am done and I write my book, I will have a great story about this exact situation.

Hondo, Long time reader, really enjoy your work and frankness. I have a question that I have not seen addressed anywhere. It seems to me that two great playmakers/game changers last year were Marcus Rush and Denicos Allen. Both seemed to bring pressure on every play and really impact games. This year, however, I hardly hear their names called and almost never see them making those big plays. Just wondering what has happened. Martin Hersh

Hi Martin! Don’t be a stranger. I think people are missing two big points. With Jerel gone, they are keying more on Marcus and Will and throwing faster. In fact, teams are keying up and all five teams have used a large amount of three step drops. That would impact both of them (Marcus & Denicos who is the primary blitzing LB) from a sack standpoint and QB pressure. I will say that I think Marcus is the DL MVP at this point. With changes in OFF schemes against MSU he may not get the Sportscenter plays, but he has been our best DL so far.

Hondo, I was sitting up in the stands last week and there was a very vocal woman in our section. In the fourth quarter she was talking about her son transferring. I mentioned to someone in our section that it sounded like her son was a player. A gentleman near me let me know that she was, and that he was also. He apologized and said many fine things about the staff. It got me thinking that maybe this team has some chemistry issues? Keith

Keith, I debated evening putting this in the article. I think it is important to remember that they are parents. Should they say those things? No, but those are their kids and I think they deserve some grace. I do know that there is great pressure put on many of the players from parents. I feel terrible for some kids. I can tell you that this team is made up of a great group of super kids. If they have 108 kids that is 216 parents, plus step parents, aunts, uncles, grand parents and more so you can’t control everyone. This team doesn’t have 108 angels, but there are a vast majority of great kids and they get along. That is what matters. I don’t want people judging me by all my relatives, so let’s not do all of them.Â

Hondo, I have been a season ticket holder for decades. Over forty years. I bought tickets as a student and never gave them up. I always cheered even in the Muddy Waters era. Spartan Football has been a family to me. For the first time in my life I booed at the EMU game. First time ever. Always swore at the people who did. This is the fault of MSU. We are paying $80 a ticket, plus have to give a large donation for the right to buy the tickets. They are constantly calling for extra money, then want us to donate for the new buildings. They tell us we have to buy in to be competitive. I get it. I agree and I am willing to do that. So when they put a product on the field that doesn’t match with the sacrifice I have to make each year for the tickets I had for years they are going to hear from me about it. I respect Dantonio. I love what he is doing, but I almost lost my seats years ago with reseating because I wasn’t giving enough. I had to up that. They made it a business and I am treating it like one. As long as they ask me to give like they do, and I do, I am going to demand more of them. MSU created it. Our fans are willing to pay for the best, and being great doesn’t mean taking a (Bowel Movement) against EMU. Bob

Bob, I must admit that I read this on the radio show and it makes a lot of sense. Booing doesn’t help, but I heard from so many fans that said almost the same thing as you. I don’t like booing your team, but with the rising costs and the true sacrifice people are making I understand.

Hondo, with the loss of Fou and Travis, were they the biggest reason we couldn’t run against OSU? Mike

Well, OSU stacked the box (like everyone else), but if I had to pick the biggest loss as to why we didn’t do better I think it was the loss of Niko Palazeti. LT did a good job, but he is new and frankly he isn’t the every down quality FB that Niko is right now.

Hondo, if you had to pick the MVP for special teams, Offense and Defense five games in, who would you pick? Carlos Lee

Easy: Special teams no question Taybor Pepper. Defense Max Bullough. Offense Dion Sims.


There you go everyone. Another week of your MSU Football Q and A in the books. Make sure to send in your questions for next week. Simply email them to and put weekly Q and AFootball in the subject line.