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Incoming Michigan State Running Back Gerald Holmes Fired Up To Get To East Lansing

Incoming Michigan State Running Back Gerald Holmes Fired Up To Get To East Lansing

Q: Gerald, how are you brother?

A: Hey, Hondo. I'm doing good. How are you doing?

Q: How excited are you that it's close now? You're just 2 weeks out from getting on campus.

A: Oh yeah, I'm real excited. Now my dream is gonna come true, you know what I'm saying. Go to work and get ready for the season.

Q: Phil Steele's College Football Preview projects you as the Spartan starter. What are you doing to be ready so that when you step on campus it's your job?

A: Actually I'm just getting mentally focused; getting ready physically always. Just basically staying humble at the end of the day really.

Q: Being in shape has never been a problem for you. You're probably not worried about that at all, are you?

A: Not too much. At the end of the day when you're working and training, you're still gonna get tired when it comes to working, at the end of the day. But I think overall I'm in pretty good shape. But college shape is totally different from what I do.

Q: A few kids in your class will play, the rest are going to red-shirt. Knowing that you've got this job, you can take it and have it, how exciting is that?

A: It's real exciting. All I gotta do is reach out and grab it.

Q: Do you talk to any of the players much on the roster now or are you just gonna wait until you get up here?

A: I talk to a few here and there but mainly wait until I get down to college. I've just kinda been getting myself ready for a whole new life.

Q: Have you decided what you're gonna major in yet?

A: Yeah, graphic art design. That's what I wanna do.

Q: So you're a drawer, huh?

A: Yeah. It's kinda like the whole creativity aspect. This graphic arts and other social media and works like that.

Q: As you prepare now, have you spent much time looking over the playbook?

A: Yes. I actually spent quite a good time doing it. It's not as easy learning right now because I'm not really rep'ing it but it's still good to get kinda familiar with the plays in my head.

Q: Mark Dantonio says the easiest position to play coming out of high school in to college is running back. Is that because at the end of the day it's still getting to open daylight?

A: I believe so. If you're a natural runner, a natural running back, I believe you can come in right away and early, because it's always natural, any movement you do. And then it just becomes, at the end of the day, how much to take in from the new stuff you learned. But really, on the field, if the ball is in your hand you make the play.

Q: What do you think of Dave Warner being the running backs coach? Have you been able to spend time with him? Give us your insight and thoughts on that, please.

A: Actually he's a great person. When I...I won't say when I first met him, but when he first transitioned over his coaching he was right on top of the job coaching me up, sitting down explaining plays to me, always being in my ear. Some coaches are like, Hey Gerald. And then it's kinda like they're more distant. But it's almost like we built our own new friendship.

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Q: You've gotta like the fact that your running back coach is also your offensive coordinator. That's gotta be good news.

A: Oh yeah, that's real good.

Q: I got an email from someone the other day wanting me to ask you this... If you had to pick a running back to describe your style that maybe we know, who would that be?

A: Really, Adrian Peterson.

Q: I agree with everything there but I don't think you run as straight up and down as he does. I think you've got lower pads. Is that fair?

A: Um, yes. Yes it is. I do get a little lower than him. I kinda watch him. He's a little slower. But he's in the league so you can't say much about that.

Q: Mark Dantonio said a freshman is gonna win this job. Have you liked that added pressure?

A: Yes, I love it. It's just something more that pushes me to come out like that, in that way. I just use it as motivation.

Q: What are you most ready for? Is it your body, is it your vision...what part of you right now is most ready for the Big 10?

A: I would say my body.

Q: What is it about your body, brother?

A: I believe the body because that's something I'm always training. Training your body doesn't really change. It's always the same workout. You gotta keep going and increasing it. The reason why mentally wasn't one of my ones is because that changes as you grow older and move on to certain realms in your life. I've been to high school so now I'm going to college, that's about to change. But I'm not in college yet. So with my body being the one I chose, because I can always control that.

Q: In 74 days, right about sunset, you guys are gonna run out to Thunderstruck by AC/DC, the band playing, the smoke, to open up the season. Can you believe your college career is 74 days away?

A: No, I can't believe it. I was saying too much, too much. Now it’s only 74 days.

Q: It's pretty cool, isn't it?

A: Yes it is.

Q: You said to me in our very first interview that you never wanted to take for granted that someone was willing to pay your college for you to play football. I've always admired you for that quote. As you are about to embark upon it, are you still humbled by that?

A: Oh yes, yes. You've always gotta be that way...have a mindset so you will never go too far from where you need to be.

Q: Do you know what number you're wearing yet?

A: It's gonna be between 28 and 24. The reason why 24 is because my mother passed at 24.

Q: Wow. Is there any significance with 28?

A: favorite running back is Adrian Peterson and that's what I always wore.

Q: Anything can happen with a young football player. Whether you score no touchdowns or win four Rose Bowls, I'm so proud of your character and the guy you are.

A: Thank you. That's big of you to say.