It Was A Long Journey, but Welcome to the Spartan Nation Joe Boisture

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Just ten days ago, in an article written by the Boston Globe, Joe Boisture was being called the “face” of Boston College and their football future. Now, it seems that the Eagles have lost their future star, and MSU has reaped the benefits of his decision to change his mind and to put his football future in the hands of Michigan State.


As most know, the recruiting saga of quarterbacks at MSU this week has been nothing short of mind-boggling. It appeared that Robert Bolden was set to sign on with MSU and visited MSU for a seven on seven camp to show his wares this past weekend. Rumors were floated out that he wanted to wear the green and white and obviously that didn’t happen. It was a mess to say the least, and it appeared MSU would have to scramble for a quarterback in the 2010 class. Then again, no one should have underestimated Mark Dantonio and the coaching staff at MSU.


The truth is, none of those rumors matter, only the parties involve know the whole truth, and we can only worry about who is here, instead of who isn’t. Enter Mr. Boisture. Apparently he wasn’t too happy about his situation with the Eagles either. Dave Shinskie came aboard with Boston College and the whole thing opened up. Spartan fans will remember Shinskie, he was offered by John L. Smith way back in 2003, and has been out for football for the most part since then. Thank goodness for Spartan fans that Shinskie played two sports.


Shinskie, who set school records with over 6,000 passing yards at prestigious Mount Carmel high school in Pennsylvania, decided he was going to play baseball and was drafted by the Minnesota Twins, but was stymied in a career where he compiled a 24-30 record with 14 saves over six seasons in their minor league system until being released last month by the Toronto Blue Jays. As luck would further play out, he turned down a new offer from another minor league baseball team to play big time college football for Boston College. How lucky can the Spartans get?


So Joe Boisture did what he needed to do. He “loved” Boston College, but the distance and family were also becoming issues, he grew up a Spartans fan to begin with, and his grandfather coached for the Spartans before later becoming the head guy at EMU. A switch therefore seemed like it was in the cards, so he contacted MSU and wanted to visit. Mark Dantonio, being the honorable guy he is, didn’t offer Boisture originally because he didn’t want to hold him up in his pursuit of his goals and dreams while pursuing other players. Offers went out to Devin Gardner and Robert Bolden, but that didn’t mean the Spartan brass wasn’t high on this strong-armed quarterback from Goodrich, in fact many coaches around the country who saw Boisture play said he had the best arm of the three, and that he was a prototypical-type NFL quarterback. In other words, he can drop back and let it fly. That doesn’t make him necessarily the best quarterback, as the other two can probably do more with their feet, but this kid is pretty darn good and perfect for the ball control offense that MSU runs.


 How good is he? He has been nominated to play in the prestigious U.S. Army All-American game. His offers were big-time too. They came from UCLA, Wisconsin, and Pitt, and even Cincinnati and CMU, who have had a lot of luck with quarterbacks of late.


You think Rick Neuheisel at UCLA knows a thing or two about quarterbacks? His OC Norm Chow? How about Brian Kelly? Wisconsin also has done a good job selecting quarterbacks as well, sweeping into Michigan to get Jim Sorgi a few years back. In other words, Boisture is well thought of by those who had had great success with their quarterbacks in recent years.


Being from the Flint area, I have the chance to watch him play and he brings a lot to the table. First of all he has a great arm and can make every throw with zip. He is terrific in play-action and can use good ball fakes to freeze defenders. He steps up well in the pocket and goes through his progressions and reads quickly, and keeps his eyes downfield. The hardest throw to make is the deep out pattern and he can do it with regularity and great accuracy. He also makes good decisions on the field and can fit the ball into tight windows with the best.


The downside is that he needs to be protected. He is not a runner or scrambler by no means although he has taken off with the pigskin for positive yardage with his feet. In fact, he reminds me of a poor man’s Dan Marino. Big arm, zips it into tight spots, but doesn’t want or have the ability to really run unless he is forced to, although he can roll to either side and pass the football with accuracy. He also needs to get stronger but he is working on that.


Last year he passed for 1700 yards and 15 touchdowns for Coach Tom Alward and Goodrich high school. With the economy being like it is and his dad’s module home business suffering, a move closer to Detroit was on hand, and perhaps finding a little bigger school to compete at, so Boisture ended up at Saline. That transition to date reportedly has gone smooth.


Alward told that Boisture was, “Big and talented with a strong arm, the whole package,” and recognized he was going to be a talent all the way back to middle school. Boisture also has shown perseverance, battling back from a broken elbow during his sophomore season. He also is not afraid of competition as some others may be, and has confidence in his abilities.


Work ethic? Joe is ready to roll for his new school Saline. New Coach Mike Glennie has him working hard in the weight room and in film study. Boisture has already added 12-pounds of muscle to his thin frame, and will perhaps be playing against better competition which can only improve his game.



So Spartans fans, don’t fear, the quarterbacking position looks to be in good hands for the time being and years to come. Also, I might add that there was concern about players de-committing at other schools and coming to MSU like Boisture. Yet, in both in his case, and in the case of tackle David Barrent, they went to the teams they were committed to first and said they were leaving as opposed, as to being pushed by MSU to do so. Therefore, there is no snake oil here as in other cases across the country.