Jalen Watts-Jackson Forgoes Football To Enter Military

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Jalen Watts-Jackson (JWJ) has been called by teammates, coaches, media, and fans as, “The Legend.” While the term legend is certainly a compliment for making perhaps the biggest play in Michigan State vs. Michigan history, it is perhaps overstated when assigned to athletics.

But JWJ is moving on. He is setting aside his football career for a much higher calling. Raised in a patriotic family of heroes who have served our great nation, JWJ is going into the Air Force as an officer. He will head out in late December or early January.

JWJ spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Spartan Nation earlier today about his decision. “I am going into the Air Force. I was raised that it is a good idea to serve your country. I have family members that have served this county including my dad. So I am excited to serve this nation.”

He went on to add, “My focus is going to be on Cyber System Operations and security. I am taking classes right now to get all of my (computer security) certifications. I have been thinking about it for some time now.”

JWJ said of his amazing family, “My parents did a great job of raising me and my siblings. They are so supportive of us and everything that we do. I have a lot of family that has served a lot of time serving this great country. It will be great following their teachings and what they have taught me. What an honor. I am really looking forward to it.”

We at Spartan Nation salute all of our heroes but make no mistake that JWJ will have a special place in our hearts. From a legend on the gridiron in East Lansing to being a true American hero. What a tribute to an amazing young man from an amazing family, serving an amazing country.

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