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Mark Dantonio Opens 2012 Season With Nothing But Respect For Versatile Boise State

When your team is coming off back-to-back 11 win seasons, loaded with returning players and a consensus top in the nation team there isn’t normally anything to worry about. In most cases that is the truth, but Mark Dantonio has no time to rest with Boise State the first game of 2012.

He said of the Broncos on Monday, “I was just watching Boise this morning. I think they do a great job, obviously, offensively. A lot of different things. Throw a lot of different formations at you. I think on record we have 178 different type formations that they've run in our breakdown. A lot of different personnel groupings. Defensively they're going to be very solid.

I think they're an extremely well coached football team. When you look at the offensive line, I think they pass things off very well. You don't really know who the quarterback is going to be at this point, but they have four of them that they're working. So obviously the guy who comes out of that is going to be pretty good.

But they're a little bit of an unknown at certain positions because they've lost some guys. But they're an extremely well coached team; and all I do is just keep looking at 73 and 6, which is Coach Petersen's record overall. And you don't have to go much beyond that. They're going to be a very good football team. They'll be a great challenge for us our first game. And we've grown a lot of respect for them just from the time since we've been watching them since whatever, January or February.”

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When asked about his concern for the opener, Dantonio didn’t agree with the reporters premise that his team started slow last year against Youngstown State. He did however give the Broncos big respect.

He said, “Maybe Youngstown had something to do with that. They did some different things. But I don't think anybody comes out sluggish in their first game. If they do, maybe they come out missing a tackle or not playing to a tempo of an offense and they have to get used to a tempo of that offense or to what that offense does or defense does. But I can assure you that our guys will not be...they'll be hyped up. The first time they run out here, see that board, see the stadium, 8 p.m., nighttime, national TV audience, Boise State. Giant killer. If you can't get ready for that then you need to move on, probably. But our guys will be ready to play.”

The Broncos only return seven players, but they will have the best coach the Spartans will face all year in Chris Petersen. His 73-6 record says it all, they will be ready. So will the Spartans. 

This game, at night under the lights, new video boards, national expectation and audience will truly start the season with a BCS game atmosphere and the eyes of the nation will rest on the High Cathedral of the Spartan Nation:  Spartan Stadium!