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Michigan State Backup QB Connor Cook Talks About the QB Battle

Michigan State Backup QB Connor Cook Talks About the QB Battle

A: Maxwell has the experience. He started all last year. When Coach decided to go with him to start, that was no surprise to me. I think we all had a really, really good camp. We’re all pushing each other. Maxwell had a good camp, I had a good camp, O’Connor and Terry… We’re all pushing everyone. But with him choosing Maxwell to start, he’s gonna use me and him both in the game. He didn’t say when he was gonna put me in, but I just gotta be ready.

Q: Are you looking at this as you’re fighting to be in a two quarterback sorta thing or are you still fighting to overtake him and be the starter this year?

A: I’m just coming out and I’m giving it everything that I can, in practice and in the games, to win out and be the guy. Everyone comes here… You don’t really wanna split time; you wanna be the guy. And that’s the dream that I have. I still wanna continue to compete, push the other quarterbacks and when I have the opportunities in the games to showcase what I have, I’m gonna try and do that. I’m gonna try and win the job.

Q: Do you see two different packages of stuff that you do that maybe Andrew doesn’t do as well?

A: No, we’re all pretty similar. I think Damion Terry is the most athletic out of all of us. Maxwell’s athletic...he’s showed he has ability to create. I’ve shown what I have the ability to create, so has O’Connor. I don’t think there’s any new packages for anyone specifically.

Q: Did the coaches give you any specifics of things that you can work on and improve to climb up the depth chart and maybe get another look?

A: No, they didn’t really say.

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Q: Was this a real competition? Do you feel like it was predetermined that it was gonna be him or do you feel like this was something he won in the last month?

A: I really don’t know the answer to that.

Q: In your mind, why was he chosen? What did the coaches tell you afterwards?

A: They just said that Maxwell was chosen due to his experience. He started all last year so he has the experience. I’ve never started a game. But they decided they’re gonna use Maxwell and me in the first game. He told O’Connor and Damion to be ready.

Q: How disappointing was that? Or did you kind of expect it?

A: I wasn’t disappointed. I kind of expected it. I expected to come in and actually see game time. That’s what he promised me…that I’m gonna come in and play. If that’s all that I have, that I can come in… If I’m given the opportunity, then I know that I’m gonna succeed. I’m gonna make the most out of it.

Q: Was there any point where you felt you had this, like maybe it was your job during fall camp?

A: Um, early on I was working more with the 1’s. Then Damion had that really good second scrimmage and then that whole week he was kinda working with the 1’s; and then Maxwell and me were working with the 2’s. But I feel like the entire time I was pushing the other quarterbacks. I don’t think I lost anything. I think I had a pretty good camp.