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Michigan State to Honor Former LB/DB Mylan Hicks By Wearing Black!

The late MSU LB/DB Mylan Hicks at Oregon in 2014.  Photo courtesy of Chris Stoddard.

The late MSU LB/DB Mylan Hicks at Oregon in 2014. Photo courtesy of Chris Stoddard.

Michigan State to Honor Hicks' by Wearing Black

It wasn’t much of a surprise to see Mark Dantonio wearing black during his weekly press conference this week. This isn’t the sort of news that normally interrupts conversations about college football picks, though the sensitive nature of the story is bound to interest even the most jaded of fans.

No one was surprised by the black shoes and socks or even the helmet decals; however, the reason why Mark Dantonio made that particular fashion choice might surprise a few people because it isn’t what everyone presumed. 

Naturally, in seeing the black pullover, everyone assumed that Mark was simply respecting the colors of mourning; however, according to Mark, he was also emulating Mylan Hicks’ style.

Mark and Hicks have known each other for quite a while, and in the five years he spent in East Lasing, Mark couldn’t help but pick up on Hicks’ penchant for wearing black. In this regard, Mark chose to wear black during the press conference in tribute to his old friend. 

According to Mark, the black Spartan gear was a favorite for Hicks for reasons no one really understood. Sunday was a dark day for the Michigan State Football program. Mark and his teammates learned of Hicks death that morning.

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The former Spartan Linebacker’s death followed a shooting in Calgary. Naturally, the tragedy left the whole Spartan Football Community shaken, and it remains to be seen whether they will all recover in time to deliver on the field in the coming games.

It wasn’t merely Hicks’ death that left the team shaken but the pointless nature of his passing. Fortunately for Michigan State players, they were not obliged to attend meetings on Sunday, numerous members of the team instead choosing to spend the day at a special chapel session held for Hicks. 

The Spartans only have one goal this season, and that is to not only move forward but to honor Hicks in their performance and the many victories they hope to achieve. Mark has taken every opportunity to gush about Hicks.

He was especially taken by the love that Hicks had for the game of football, this along with his passion for competition. Hicks was always pushing himself to win, and he expected his colleagues to apply the same amount of effort, often expressing disappointment in those who were unable to match his fervor and excitement for the game. 

Michigan State will play their next game on Saturday. The game, situated in Indiana and kicking off at 8P.M, will be the first without Hicks. The team is expected to walk onto the field adorned in black gear, this including shoes and socks. 

The back of each player’s helmets will also be decorated with Hicks’ Number (Six). There are plans to honor Mark in other ways over the next few weeks. Little has been said about the memorial service for Hicks, though everyone expects arrangements to be made for Mark and the rest of the team to attend once the schedule is released.

Known as a great competitor and an impressive teammate, Hicks will be missed.