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News and Notes From Spartan Football…01/14/10 Edition


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News and Notes From Spartan Football…


B.J. Cunningham, J'Michael Deane, Mark Dell, Chris L. Rucker, Chris D. Rucker, Fred Smith, Donald Spencer are allowed around the team per Coach Dantonio.Â



2010 recruits QB Joe Boisture, RB Nick Hill, RB LeVeon Bell and MLB Max Bullough have all enrolled at MSU.Â



Of the four, I think enrolling early helps Max Bullough most. Bell and Hill are runners and with Caper and Baker ahead of them combined with the RB spot being one of the easiest to adjust to at this level, it makes it easier for them. Boisture is a guaranteed red shirt (unless injuries on a cataclysmic level occur) so his enrolling will help him, but it wasn’t critical. Lastly, Bullough is an exceptional talent who people in the Duffy are crossing their fingers can get some significant reps next year. That would allow Greg Jones to get more reps at the OLB spot. The more Bullough can get and get early, the better his shot at immediate playing time.



Fans who aren’t able to see the big picture will think it is an excuse. Those close to the program and who truly saw the rebuilding project that Mark Dantonio had ahead of him when he took the helm know that the youth of Spartan football can be frustrating, but it is promising.Â



The 2010 OL will be much younger, but also much better than the 09 group once they get those early snaps out of the way. Dantonio said it best, “We are young, but talented.” He is right.



When asked about the bar of expectation rising at MSU Dantonio concurred, but you could see his frustration rising. He noted, “A 6-6 football team, certainly I wasn’t proud.”



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Dantonio noted that in the 39 games he has coached at MSU his team was in a position in the fourth quarter to win 36 of them. Excuses to some, but reality to those who are trying to be objective.



In 2009 the Spartans had 54 freshman and sophomores. Dantonio acknowledged that the Spartans will have, “Much more depth in 2010.”



Looking ahead to the 2010 spring season, Spartans fans can’t help but be excited. As much as the Spartan Nation looked forward to spring ball in 2009, 2010 could be even more competitive and more important.



The Spartans currently have 17 commitments for the 2010 football recruiting class. Mark Dantonio admitted that they will sign, “Probably five.” That being said, the Spartans could sign more, but with potentially one of the deepest and most talented classes in 2011, there is nothing wrong with keeping some back.



As fans clamor for more recruits be mindful of this. The Spartans will not add players for the sake of adding them. Guys have to fit and they have to believe they will be major contributors.



Here is an early name for you to think about as we head to the spring. He had an awesome year as a red shirt and many thought he could have competed with Chris Norman for playing time had the staff been willing to yank his red shirt. Jeremy Gainer. He is a stud LB from Detroit.



I will be shocked if Keith Nichol doesn’t continue playing WR next year. I am in no way saying he won’t be a QB at times, but Nichol wants to play ball and they like his versatility.Â



I asked Nichol after the Alamo Bowl about playing WR and he told me then, “I love the game of football. When you play in the backyard as a kid you play all spots. I like to think I am a football player. I love playing quarterback, but if WR is what I need to do to get on the field or any other position helps this team just tell me where to line up.” You have to love that kid.