News, Notes, Thoughts, Email and Quotes From Michigan State Football, Notre Dame Football and the Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

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Mark Dantonio did a good job today of saying absolutely nothing.

I tweeted during his press conference that although Dantonio didn’t say anything, that you sure could tell he wanted to.

A few things that stood out. Mark did acknowledge that there is animosity in this rivalry. SHOCK!   His exact quote was,  “I also think, like any rivalry game, there's a little bit of animosity, as well, which is good.”

He also with tongue in cheek made a comment about how knowledgeable the broadcasters were who did the UM vs. ND game. He said, “I was sitting there watching the game, listening to the commentators. They have a pretty good perspective on what's going on always, right?”

Lastly he feigned surprise that Vegas has the line on this game at five. He commented that, “I heard that little stat yesterday. Why do you think that is? I don't know. I guess, as I said before, do we expect a challenge? Absolutely. It's a tough one, guys. I'm not a gambler, so...”

Dan France has moved to the starting LT. He will still be pushed, but he did a great job against FAU. According to Dantonio, “I thought Dan France played pretty well. Fonoti played well. Right now Dan France would be the guy that starts there.”

Coach Dantonio closed practice today. Not a big deal in my opinion. The only thing that sticks out to me is that when you ask your players to treat it as just another game shouldn’t you?

Frank Kush has been named the honorary captain for this game. He was a three-time letter winner for MSU during the Biggie Munn years.

Your response so far is about 3-1 against the new Pro Combat Uniforms. I got some really good response. Here is a select sample.

From Karl in Farmington Hills, “Those things look like (cow excrement) and any other (bleeping) thing bad. Barf.”

From Pat, “I was expecting Georgia or Colorado and although I hate them, they could be a lot worse.”

Mary Sue says, “I think they look great. Signed color blind 20 year old.”

Pete thinks, “I like them. New and original.”

Unnamed, “I wish the Bronze was more battle worn.”

Matt says, “Our own fight song says green and white. So will we call ourselves Colorado State this week?”

Jason from South Lyons, “They are cutting edge and I would love to see the hash tag  #MolonLabeBunyan be a twitter trend on that whole week! Also, I find it interesting that we now will have 2 "Greek" phrases on our uniforms Nike (Greek for "Victory") and Molon Labe (Greek for "Come and take them").

Andrew chimed in, “I'm an MSU alumnus and I love the Pro Combat uniforms.  I do miss the white, but isn't it the point of alternate uniforms to look different.  A lot of people are unaware that uniform change from last year included the bronze piping and these unis definitely let you know.  Put into the context of the ancient Greek Spartans and these are winners. Can't wait to see these in person.”

Kenny, “Only old fat bastards like you Hondo hate them.”

Kenny may have a point. Joe Rexrode from the Lansing State Journal is sitting here at the table with me and just said, “Over thirty seems not to like it, twenty-five and under do and twenty-five to thirty is the middle ground.”

Greg Johnson from the Grand Rapids Press weighed in with, “I want some of those gloves.”

For the record I don’t like them, but considering how bad the Nike Pro Combat uniforms are they are the best of a bad thing in my opinion. Truly I don’t care either away. I am a traditionalist so that is why I am not thrilled about it.

Brian Kelly spoke today here are some nuggets from the Notre Dame head coach.

“You know, Coach Dantonio does a very good job with his programs. Obviously I followed him at Cincinnati, took over that program, and so I know how he coaches his football team. They're well coached, they're a physical team on both sides of the ball, and again, as I said, another great challenge that our football team is looking forward to.”

On Dantonio, “Well, he demands discipline, attention to detail. He demands all those things on a day-to-day basis, a toughness to his football team. He wants them mentally and physically tough, and that's what you've got to be to be a Big Ten champ like they were last year. I know Mark does a great job in attention to those specific areas.”

More on Dantonio, “Well, it's been very professional. I don't think we have a relationship where we pick up the phone. I have a lot of respect for the work that he did. Again, we know each other because of the Cincinnati experience and being in the Midwest and of course playing over the last two years. Very respectful of Mark and understand that he has a basic philosophy that I believe in, and that is the mental and physical toughness of your football team.”