Spartan Football Looking for DT/OT Recruits & Their Eyes are On Southwest Michigan's Nate Jeppesen!

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Many in football believe that the game is won and lost in the trenches. A simple concept when you understand that winning this war zone is decided by pushing your opponent a few inches over the line of scrimmage. If Michigan State hopes to continue to win the game of inches, then continuing to recruit Offensive Lineman Nate Jeppesen would be a great idea.

Jeppesen is familiar with the Michigan State football program because his uncle wore the green and white years ago. The 6’4” 265 pound lineman has some of the best programs in the country vying for his services including Oregon, Nebraska, Illinois and Mississippi St, but that wont steer Jeppesen away from East Lansing.

“I really love the program, I love the tradition there,” said Jeppesen. “I love the family atmosphere of the program, the facilities and obviously the campus is really nice. Just all around, Michigan State is a pretty awesome school.”

Linemen are typically only as good as their footwork, and Jeppesen has worked to make his feet one of his greatest assets. That training didn’t take place on the football field, but on the soccer pitch.

“I give credit to soccer [for my footwork], I’ve been playing since I was eight years old,” said Jeppesen. “I still play on a co-ed team in the winter so I think that’s where I get my footwork from.”

His quick footwork allows him to utilize his size well on the field. His favorite part of the game is being the big guy, running around and dishing out punishment.

In order to get to his opponents, Jeppesen has developed a great deal of speed for someone his size and he takes full advantage of it.

“[My speed comes from] God given footwork and ability,” explained Jeppesen. “I also have a speed training coach [Matt Gorham] and he was actually my middle school track coach and I ran sprints in middle school and since sophomore year I’ve done speed training with him.”

Jeppesen wasn’t always a well-figured 265-pound prospect. He was once tipping the scale at 285 pounds. He realized that needed to change, so he and Gorham stripped 45 pounds off of his frame and put on 25 of muscle to transform Jeppesen into one of the top football prospects in Michigan’s class of 2013.

When he isn’t on the football field hunting down defensive prey, Jeppesen likes to spend his free time with kids. He has actively participated in youth football days at his high school and has babysat for four children over the past few years. Mark Dantonio and his staff would love to get Jeppesen back on campus for camp this summer and add another quality commitment to the class of 2013.