Spartan Nation Caught Up With 2013 TE Commit Dylan Chmura

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There are likely to be many recruits at Spartan Stadium this weekend with ESPN College GameDay in town and the Spartans taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

One possible guest is Wisconsin tight end and Spartan football commit Dylan Chmura, who admits that during Michigan State games he lets himself get excited for next season.

"I'm trying to focus on this season now and then when that's over start focusing on next year," he says, "but I can't help it when I'm watching MSU play. I get chills. I know there's going to be nothing like it. It's going to be fun."

His focus is resulting in a successful final high school season thus far, as he has helped his Waukesha West Wolverines to a 3-2 start, including a big win against a crosstown rival in last week's Homecoming game.

"I'm trying my best," he says.  "I've got to go out and put a good game on the field every time I'm out there."

And he looks forward to playing some good games in East Lansing over the next few years, too, especially after seeing the way MSU has utilized Dion Sims this year at the tight end position.

"I'm excited," he says.  "I can't wait!  It's going to be nice getting the ball, but I'll be a good blocker when I get there, because my team now is so run-oriented."

After placing ninth in the state last year in his first season, Chmura is also considering a second year of throwing shot put for his high school's track and field team, with hope of taking the title this year and also increasing his strength for football purposes.

His strength and footwork are what he says he needs to work on most to be Division I ready; on the contrary, he sees route running as his most D1-ready characteristic:

"I'm good at getting open and holding onto the ball after catches."

He thinks that skill development has come from his 'type A' personality, which he says keeps him striving for perfection.

"Right when something wrong is happening, I feel it and know how it should've been," he explains, "but then I can go back and fix it most of the time.  When you want to play at a competitive level you have to do things perfectly because that's the only way you can execute properly."

And, speaking of execution, he has been impressed with the execution of one specific Spartan player this season: Leveon Bell.

"He's incredible.  Being that big and that quick and able to just jump over people is amazing.  Every time I see (him jumping over people), I just can't help but crack up."

Chmura has hurdled his own fair share of players, too, he says, but only at practice.

"One time I got caught and landed right on my face!"

Usually, he just tries moves like that on his younger brother, who is a sophomore and who he hopes will get noticed by the Spartans after this year.

"It'd be nice to have him there with me."

There is no lack of family football tradition for the Chmuras either; Dylan's father is former Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame tight end Mark Chmura.

He says it has been Mark who has given him his sense of work ethic and aggressiveness on the field.

"Just run em over – that's the motto."