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Spartans Newest Signal Caller 2013 QB Damion Terry Is Ready to Lead…

Under Mark Dantonio the Michigan State Spartans have become
a pipeline to the NFL. Their first
quarterback was Brian Hoyer who just resigned with the New England Patriots,
Kirk Cousins and Nick Foles from Dantonio’s first recruiting class were taken
last week in the NFL draft.

With Cousins moving on, Andrew Maxwell now sits firmly in
the captain’s seat.  Connor Cook is ready
to back him up and the best high school QB I have ever seen in Tyler O’Connor
arrives July first. The Spartans have
been and are loaded.

Earlier this spring they added to the incredible stable of
signal caller talent, when they headed to Erie, Pennsylvania and secured a commitment
from another great one in Damion Terry. The
6’4” Terry has great feet and cannon for an arm that make this pro style QB a
prized commodity.

Terry recently joined me on Spartan Nation radio and he told
me about his choice to be a Spartan and what stood out to him the most. “Everything about it. They (players) have such a great relationship
with all the coaches. When I visited on
junior day I just felt like it was the place for me. I knew in my heart what was at Michigan
State. I knew I wasn’t going to get
better football then Spartan football.”

This multi-talented young man couldn’t hide his excitement
about being the newest Spartan QB. “I am
real excited to be a Spartan. All I can
think about is playing there.”

For those of you much older than Terry, when you watch him
play and talk to those who coach against him, one name continues to pop up in
comparison to him: Randall Cunningham. Knowing my age I was shocked when I mentioned
that to Terry and he quickly said of my comparison, “I totally agree!”

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Terry certainly has the big arm and the elusive athleticism. With that arm, it can raise concerns when a
young man transitions to the college game.
In high school there isn’t a throw Terry can’t make. With such a big arm young QBs can rely on
that arm too much with better players on the other side of the ball. Terry agreed and said, “I believe sometimes
quarterbacks can trust their arm too much.
Especially from high school to college.”
What sets Terry aside is that with all of his arm strength and talent,
he shares the incredibly high football IQ that Cunningham was famous for.

One of his skills is that far beyond his years is a great
ability to look off the defensive backs.
It stands out quickly when you watch him and ask those who have to coach
and compete against him. Terry said of
that talent, “I just have a feel for the game.
It comes naturally with me. I am
blessed with a feel for the game.” I
agree and that is one of those talents that you just can’t teach.

Like Cunningham, Terry’s immense physical talent, combined
with his football IQ are only out shadowed by his leadership ability. He is a natural leader. One person from his high school told Spartan
Nation prior to the Terry interview on Spartan Nation Radio, “Most natural
leader I have ever seen.”

I talked with Terry about his leadership ability and the well-spoken,
mature beyond his years young man addressed it.
“I naturally have leadership ability. I’m not the guy to scream and get
them all fired up. I lead by example
with everything I do on and off the field.
If one of my receivers drops a pass, I will get a good word in just to
make sure he forgets about it and has a short term memory. Just move on.”

Terry can go on like a fountain about the things he loves
and leant to his choice of the Spartans.
He pointed out one thing in particular that solidified for him the made
the right choice in pledging to Dantonio.
“When I came up for the spring game with some of the other commits that
have committed with me, that night we went out with the players and they took
us to their church. That meant a lot.”

No one can tell with any recruit when how their career will
end or what accolades or successes they will have. What you can count on is that Mark Dantonio
continues to go around the nation finding the best talent and character that
will keep his Spartan program not only a year in and year out competitor for a B1G
title, but also a team in nationally consideration.

Like those quarterbacks mentioned above, Terry fits in. On the field, off the field, talent and
character are all areas that Terry excels at.
You can call him a lot of things, but the young man likes it best said
in simple terms. He is a Spartan.