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The Spartans face a new hurlde this season.  They have depth and talent and now:  EXPECTATIONS!  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

The Spartans face a new hurlde this season. They have depth and talent and now: EXPECTATIONS! Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

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Hello Hondo: It seems we've heard very little about Nate Klatt as a potential starter at center since his injury. Is there anything you can tell us? Also, why is Coach Dantonio so close mouthed about injuries? Thanks, Walt

Walt, Nate is working hard. The problem (in his case) is that there is talent all over the field. Better players are beating good players. Klatt is young. Ideally, when you look at established programs, players play as red shirt juniors as starters and start getting some reps as redshirt sophomores. Klatt is a good player that just has to keep working hard. He will get his shot, but this isn’t the Spartans of old, brother. This team has depth and talent at every position.


Hondo, I am so tired of um slappies and their "winningest college football program." I have looked but can’t find how many club teams and even high school teams they beat. Can you provide the ammo I need to shut them up? Craig

Craig, it isn’t worth it. All fans have their annoying relative that just ruins everything. Give them their due. My father taught me long ago that if you argue with a skunk you get the smell. Not worth it. Here is a link however to all their wins so you can look.


Hondo, any top level RB recruits might wait until the season gets going to assess MSU, and specifically whether or not one of the underclassmen, likely Rock Baker, would leave school after the Jr. year and open some potential carries. Jon

They may, but I think the Spartans will have that spot filled for the 2012 recruiting class long before it would even be known if that was part of the thinking process of Rock. The Spartans run a pro style offense that running backs covet to play in to get to the next level.


Hi Hondo, 1) I hear a football player is transferring, can you tell me who…I have not heard a name and 2) and more important…with the whole NCAA thing going on in Ohio, what are the chances OSU goes hard after Coach D after this year? Sam

That player was Donald Spencer. We addressed that earlier this week. He is going to Indiana State. As far as Coach D, I addressed that a few weeks ago, CLICK HERE TO READ. I will say that with his history there, I would be stunned if they didn’t look at him. He is a good one.


Hondo, enough with the pretty boy talk, I need a BIG UGLY fix. What's up with O Line and D Line recruiting!!!! You and I both know this is where the future of Spartan Football is really at. Chuck

Well, they already have two TEs and they are used as OL in the MSU system and they have two actual OL. All of them are for 2012. So four of the nine will work the lines. Yes, they are in on several other high quality guys. The problem is that they are VERY deep on both lines. They are being highly recruited against at every position with their depth. Good problem, eh?


Hondo, can you put all the speculation to rest and tell us why Onaje Miller isn’t going to be a Spartan? Deon

Can I? Sure I can. Will I? No way. Deon, don’t take offense to this, but I have gotten more email, direct messages, PM’s and Facebook posts and messages on this that frankly I am sick. The young man chose not to enroll and was

released of his letter of intent. There was no anger on either side. People that think they deserve or have a right to know don’t in my opinion. I wish Onaje well and hope he does great. He never enrolled at MSU and I see no reason as to why to discuss more.



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