Michigan State Knows Who Will Start Week 1

The coaches know who will be the quarterback starter will be week 1 when that decision becomes public news is unknown.
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One of the most intriguing position battles this offseason has been who the quarterback will be this season.

Payton Thorne and Anthony Russo have been battling for 'QB1' all offseason and both have been productive when we've had chances to watch them but with just four days from the Spartans opener against Northwestern a decision has been made, it's just unclear when that decision will be made public.

According to 247sports Michigan State insider Justin Thind, a decision by the staff has been made but at this time it's stayed an internal decision that the staff hasn't made public yet.

The speculation will remain until they make it public, I've made cases for both Thorne and Russo and we've seen good things from both throughout the offseason. This has been a very good competition and I would like to say you can't go wrong with either of these two.