The Three Most Interesting Things Mel Tucker Said: Sept. 21, 2021

Mel Tucker is stressing the importance of a big crowd at Spartan Stadium this Saturday.
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Mel Tucker met with the media today and stressed the importance of having a big crowd at Spartan Stadium this Saturday.

"People should not want to come into Spartan Stadium and play in the woodshed."

Mel Tucker introduced the woodshed to some of the newer generation of fans in hopes to get the name going again like it was in 1999 when Michigan State was 6-0 at home in the Big Ten. He's looking for early momentum and introducing or bringing back a new king of swagger.

"How does 3-9 sound to you?"

Michigan State got off to a great start to the season starting with three wins when most media outlets had them at about four or five wins for the entire season. At the same time, Tucker knows the job isn't even close to done and is keeping that chip on the shoulder for the rest of the season.

Mel Tucker said Nebraska requested around 2,500 tickets. "I don't expect there will be one more Husker body in the crowd than that."

Tucker is getting the fans going, between the introduction of the woodshed and the 3-0 start for the Spartans him calling the fans to be more and more involved in this season is getting his popularity up with the entire fan base.