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Here is Your Michigan State General Athletics Weekly Question and Answer Article

Hondo, I was thrilled to see all the Tweets about MSU hockey. I also like the new hockey coverage. Nice to see you on board. Keith

I have always been “On board” with MSU hockey. There were things going on inside MSU hockey that I could not and would not support. I had two options. I chose the silent route because I knew changes were coming. My support is not new; it is longstanding. You may remember we told you 11 months before the departure of Rick Comley that it was coming.

Hondo, I just don’t understand why the MSU volleyball team can’t win the big one. It is so frustrating to see. So, we beat a bunch of teams we were supposed to. Big deal. If this was a sport people cared about, this would not be tolerated. Mark

Mark, I think that is a little rough, but I think the best time to judge is at the end of the year…certainly not now. The team is 13-3 (2-2 Big Ten) and I think this conversation is best served at the end of the season.

Hondo, I hear so much about the Clara Bell Smith center and how it makes the MSU athletes do better. Today my sister and I were wondering something. Is it only for MSU football and basketball or all student athletes? Chris

Great question Chris. It is for ALL MSU student athletes.

Hondo, I was listening to Coach Anastos and he mentioned that MSU hockey now had a training table. That seems strange they didn’t have one before. Is this just for a short time? Ben

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They didn’t Ben. There are a lot of things MSU hockey didn’t have. Those are all on the horizon. Adding a training table was easy. They need a new arena next and they will get one. The new workout/weight room will be very nice as well as a garage of some sort for the players’ scooters.

Hondo, do you ever plan on covering crew? Stacey


Hondo, answer a simple question for me. I heard on your radio show an A.D. for Olympic sports. I also know about Mark Hollis. Are there two A.D. positions? Stan

There is one. Mark Hollis is in charge of MSU athletics. He has several assistants and one associate that help him run the department. They are all accountable to him. 

Hondo, I have tried to use the MSU ticket office many times and the service is horrendous and frankly the people act like I am disturbing them. I even asked one recently if she understood I was a customer. With all of the emphasis on relating and reaching out to the community, what do you think about the MSU ticket office? Eric

Eric, your complaint about the MSU ticket office is far from the first I have heard. I, however, have had nothing but great and helpful service from them so I don’t have any idea what to tell you buddy.

OK everyone, there you go, our weekly general MSU athletics Q and A article. We will continue them every Tuesday morning, so if you have a question (not about basketball or football) here is a simple way to get it here. Send your questions to and put in the subject line general. If it doesn’t get answered in the article you will get a personal response. Thank you!