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Will David Perkins be the first recruit to commit to the Green and White for 2012?

Will David Perkins be the first recruit to commit to the Green and White for 2012?

As Michigan State tries to fill its 2012 recruiting class one player that is on the Spartans’ radar is David Perkins out of South Bend, Indiana. Perkins looks to be a very versatile player and one who will fit in well should he decide to sign with MSU.

Perkins is somewhat of a jack of all trades, and has experience at several positions. And at 6’2” 215 lbs he has the size to play several positions. However, according to Perkins Michigan State is primarily looking at him as either a running back or a linebacker. When talking about his versatility he said, “Not much I don’t do really, whatever is asked of me by my coach I go out there and do it.”

On the topic of his running style, Perkins expressed a desire to run over defenders rather than around them.  “I really like to get physical and knock people in the mouth,” he explained, “I do have moves, but I just really enjoy the physical part.” With such a smash mouth running style it should come as no shock that Mark Dantonio thinks Perkins would be a good fit for the Spartans’ physical rushing attack.

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When talking about Michigan State, Perkins was clearly impressed, but wanted to take a level headed approach to his recruitment. They seemed really interested in me,” he said, “but I want to take it slow and see how the whole thing goes.”  This level headed approach allows Perkins to weigh the academic advantages of his potential school, where he hopes to major in physical therapy or sports management. Academics have always been important to both Perkins and his family. “My parents enforce my academic success, but I follow through with it,” he said.

However, football isn’t the only part of David’s life. Those at his school claim that he has the ability to make his friends laugh without even saying a word. He explained, “I’m a people person and I really like to make people smile.” No doubt that is a characteristic that will serve him well as a college athlete.

Perkins also credits his family for his success. When talking about his parents he said, “They keep me level headed and focused on the bigger picture.” But this focus may come at a price sometimes. David revealed to Spartan Nation that he is a bit more afraid of his mother than he is his dad. “It’s that belt, man!” he laughed. However, from the sounds of things it looks like David Perkins will be the one doling out punishment on unsuspecting teams once he hits a college campus.

Perkins said that he plans to make his decision within the next month and a half.  Keep an eye on Spartan Nation for all the latest on his recruitment.