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Live Updates: Mississippi State Baseball vs. Tennessee, Game 2

Mississippi State looks to even the series against Tennessee on Friday night.

Mississippi State baseball (26-27, 9-18) picked up a midweek victory over North Alabama but needs to stop its eight-game conference losing streak to close out the season at Dudy Noble Field.

Mississippi State baseball (26-28, 9-19) dropped its first game of the weekend series against Tennessee by a score of 27-2 on Thursday night.

The Diamond Dawgs will look to right the ship against the surging Volunteers (47-7, 23-5). Although the postseason is out of reach, the team can finish out the year with some huge wins and plenty of momentum heading into next season.

First pitch is set for 6 p.m. CT. Stay right here with Cowbell Corner for updates... and BE SURE TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER FOR THE LATEST UPDATES!

Mississippi State Starting Lineup:

2B RJ Yeager

1B Luke Hancock

C Logan Tanner

DH Hunter Hines

LF Brad Cumbest

RF Kellum Clark

3B Kamren James

CF Brayland Skinner 

SS Lane Forsythe

RHP Preston Johnson 

Tennessee Starting Lineup:

LF Seth Stephenson

1B Luc Lipcius

RF Jordan Beck

CF Drew Gilbert

3B Trey Lipscomb

2B Jorel Ortega

DH Blake Burke

C Evan Russell

SS Cortland Lawson

RHP Chase Burns

TOP of 1: Tennessee batting

Stephenson struck out swinging 

Lipcius singled through the left side 

Beck struck out swinging 

Gilbert doubled down the left-field line, ground rule double, Lipcius advanced to third 

Lipscomb grounded out to 3b

BOTTOM of 1: Mississippi State batting

Yeager flied out to left-center field 

Hancock lined out to right field

Tanner popped up to 3b

End of 1: Mississippi State 0, Tennessee 0

TOP of 2: Tennessee batting

Ortega flied out to shortstop 

Burke grounded out to 1b

Russell struck out swinging

BOTTOM of 2: Mississippi State batting

Hines homered to center field 

Cumbest struck out swinging 

Clark grounded out to 2b

James struck out looking 

End of 2: Mississippi State 1, Tennessee 0

TOP of 3: Tennessee batting

Lawson struck out swinging 

Stephenson flied out to center field 

Lipcius walked 

Beck flied out to right field

BOTTOM of 3: Mississippi State batting

Skinner singled to right field 

Skinner picked off at first base

Forsythe struck out swinging 

Yeager struck out swinging 

End of 3: Mississippi State 1, Tennessee 0

TOP of 4: Tennessee batting

Gilbert struck out swinging 

Lipscomb grounded out to shortstop 

Ortega struck out swinging 

BOTTOM of 4: Mississippi State batting

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Hancock singled down the first-base line 

Tanner struck out swinging 

Hines singled to right field, Hancock advanced to second 

Cumbest grounded into a double play, Hines out at second base

End of 4: Mississippi State 1, Tennessee 0

TOP of 5: Tennessee batting

Burke grounded out to shortstop 

Russell doubled to left field 

Lawson grounded out to 2b

Stephenson singled to center field, Russell scored 

Lipcius struck out swinging 

BOTTOM of 5: Mississippi State batting

Clark grounded out to 1b

James struck out looking 

Skinner singled up the middle 

Skinner stole second 

Skinner stole third 

Forsythe flied out to 2b

End of 5: Mississippi State 1, Tennessee 1

TOP of 6: Tennessee batting

Beck grounded out to shortstop 

Gilbert flied out to center field 

Lipscomb struck out swinging

BOTTOM of 6: Mississippi State batting

Yeager grounded out to 3b

Hancock flied out to left field

Tanner grounded out to 3b

End of 6: Mississippi State 1, Tennessee 1

TOP of 7: Tennessee batting

Ortega struck out swinging 

Burke struck out swinging 

Russell grounded out to shortstop

BOTTOM of 7: Mississippi State batting

Hines doubled down the right-field line 

Cumbest singled through the left side, Hines advanced to third 

Cumbest stole second 

Clark doubled to right-center field, Hines scored, Cumbest scored 

Blade Tidwell in to pitch for Burns 

James struck out swinging 

Skinner struck out swinging 

Forsythe struck out looking

End of 7: Mississippi State 3, Tennessee 1

TOP of 8: Tennessee batting 

Russell flied out to left field 

Stephenson flied out to center field

Lipcius doubled to center field 

Beck singled to left field, Lipcius scored 

Gilbert homered to left field, Beck scored 

KC Hunt in to pitch for Johnson 

Lipscomb grounded out to shortstop

BOTTOM of 8: Mississippi State batting

Yeager popped up to 1b

Hancock popped up to 2b

Tanner grounded out to 2b

TOP of 9: Tennessee batting

Ortega struck out swinging 

Christian Scott in to pinch run for Burke 

Russell singled through the right side, Scott advanced to second 

Lawson struck out swinging 

Stephenson lined out to 3b

BOTTOM of 9: Mississippi State batting

Hines struck out swinging 

Cumbest popped up to 2b

Clark struck out swinging