LIVE BASEBALL UPDATES: Mississippi State vs. TCU

The Bulldogs battle the Horned Frogs in each team's second game of the season
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A day after No. 7 Mississippi State started its 2021 season in splendid fashion with an 8-3 win over No. 9 Texas, the Bulldogs are right back on the diamond at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

It's the second day of the State Farm College Showdown and MSU has its hands full yet again, battling No. 10 TCU. The Horned Frogs are looking for their first victory of the year after they fell to No. 6 Ole Miss by a score of 7-3 on Saturday.

Check back here (or stay here and refresh your browser) throughout the game for live updates. First pitch is set for 11 a.m. central.

Here are your starting lineups. MSU is the home team for today's game.

No. 10 TCU Horned Frogs (0-1)

  1. Elijah Nunez - LF
  2. Tommy Sacco - SS
  3. Hunter Wolfe - CF
  4. Gene Wood - 1B
  5. Austin Henry - DH
  6. Gray Rodgers - 2B
  7. Zach Humphreys - C
  8. Connor Shepherd - 3B
  9. Luke Boyers - RF

Russell Smith - P

No. 7 Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-0)

  1. Rowdey Jordan - CF
  2. Kamren James - SS
  3. Tanner Allen - RF
  4. Logan Tanner - C
  5. Josh Hatcher - 1B
  6. Luke Hancock - DH
  7. Scotty Dubrule - 2B
  8. Brad Cumbest - LF
  9. Landon Jordan - 3B

Houston Harding - P

MSU lineup notes: The biggest news today is that left-hander Houston Harding has been chosen as State's starting pitcher. Righty Will Bednar was slated to get today's start, but Bednar reportedly woke up with neck soreness. With Bednar not starting today, that could mean he'll start Monday against Texas Tech, if he's up to it. We'll learn more postgame. As for the lineup itself, many of the same characters from Saturday are starting again. The lone exception is that Brad Cumbest is starting in left field instead of Drew McGowan. The batting order has changed just a touch as well with the most notable swap being catcher Logan Tanner and first baseman Josh Hatcher switching spots. Tanner is now hitting cleanup and Hatcher is hitting fifth.

TOP of 1 - TCU batting

- Nunez tries a bunt, but it's an easy out for MSU. One out.

- TCU gets its first baserunner as Harding walks Sacco. Man on first with one out.

- Harding strikes out Wolfe with a good off-speed pitch. Two out, still a man on first.

- Wood with a grounder to short, but Kamren James can't field it cleanly. Error on MSU's shortstop. TCU runners at first and second with two outs.

- Sacco stealing third and MSU catcher Logan Tanner throws it away into left field. Sacco scores. Wood to second base on the play. Still two outs. 1-0 TCU.

- Harding strikes out Henry. Inning over.

- MID 1 - TCU 1, MSU 0

BOTTOM of 1 - MSU batting

- Rowdey Jordan grounds out to third. One out.

- Kamren James grounds out to short. Two out.

- Tanner Allen strikes out. Inning over.

- END 1 - TCU 1, MSU 0

TOP of 2 - TCU batting

- Harding strikes out Rodgers. One out.

- Humphreys flies out to center. Two out.

- Shepherd flies out to left. Inning over.

- MID 2 - TCU 1, MSU 0

BOTTOM of 2 - MSU batting

- Logan Tanner strikes out. One out.

- MSU has its first baserunner as Josh Hatcher slaps a single to left field. Runner on first with one out.

- Hancock strikes out. Two out, man still on first.

- Scotty Dubrule with a slow chopper to third, he beats it out and it's an infield single. MSU now with runners at first and second with two outs.

- Brad Cumbest strikes out looking. Inning over

- END of 2 - TCU 1, MSU 0

TOP of 3 - TCU batting

- Boyers flies out. One out.

- Nunez walks. Runner on first with one out.

- Sacco strikes out. Two out. Still a man on first.

- Nunez to second base on a wild pitch. Runner at second with two outs.

- Wolfe with a weak line out to second. Inning over.

- MID 3 - TCU 1, MSU 0

BOTTOM of 3 - MSU batting

- Landon Jordan flies out to center.

- Rowdey Jordan ground out to third

- Kamren James pop out to second

- END of 3 - TCU 1, MSU 0

TOP of 4 - TCU batting

- Wood walks. Runner at first.

- Henry doubles to right field. Runners on second and third nobody out.

- Rodgers flies out to left field. Runners hold. One out still men at second and third.

- Brandon Smith relieves Houston Harding for Mississippi State.

- Humphreys fouls out to first. Two out. Runners still at second and third.

- Ground out to third and MSU escapes a major jam.

- MID 4 - TCU 1, MSU 0

BOTTOM of 4 - MSU batting

- Allen Flies out to right field. One out.

- Logan Tanner pops up to catcher. Two out.

- Hatcher grounds out to second. Inning over.

END of 4 - TCU 1, MSU 0

TOP of 5 - TCU batting

- Ground out to first. One out.

- Strike out. Two out.

- Strike out. Inning over. 

MID 5 - TCU 1, MSU 0

BOTTOM of 5 - MSU batting

- Hancock single to right. Runner at first.

- Dubrule fielder’s choice. Hancock out at second. One out. Dubrule at first.

- Cumbest strikes out.

- Dubrule steals second and takes third on a throwing error. Still two outs.

- Landon Jordan strikes out. Inning over.

- END of 5 - TCU 1, MSU 0

TOP of 6 - TCU batting

- Wolfe singles. Man on first.

- Wood walks. Runners at first and second with nobody out.

- Runners move up to second and third on a wild pitch. Still nobody out.

- Henry drives in a run with a ground out to first. Wood moves to third base. One out. 2-0 TCU.

- Rodgers walks. Runners first and third with one out.

- Humphreys grounds into a double play and the inning is over.

- MID 6 - TCU 2, MSU 0

BOTTOM of 6 - MSU batting

- Rowdey Jordan puts MSU on the board with a solo home run to left-centerfield. It's now 2-1 TCU.

- Kamren James flies out to center. One out.

- Tanner Allen walks. Runner at first for MSU with one out.

- TCU is going to the bullpen. After 5.1 strong innings from Russell Smith, the Horned Frogs turn to Marcelo Perez.

- Logan Tanner grounds into a double play. Inning over.

- END of 6 - TCU 2, MSU 1

TOP of 7 - TCU batting

- MSU has gone to the bullpen. Jaxen Forrester now pitching for the Bulldogs.

- Shepherd fly out to left. One out.

- Boyers walks. TCU runner on first with one out.

- Nunez doubles to right-center. Boyers gets to third. Runners at second and third with one out for TCU.

- Sacco with a sacrifice fly to center. Boyers scores. Nunez holds at second. Two outs. Now 3-1 TCU.

- Wild pitch moves Nunez to third base with two outs.

- Forrester strikes out Wolfe to end the inning.

- MID 7 - TCU 3, MSU 1

BOTTOM of 7 - MSU batting

- Josh Hatcher flies out to deep center. One out.

- Luke Hancock strikes out looking. Two out.

- Scotty Dubrule strikes out looking. Inning over.

- END of 7 - TCU 3, MSU 1

TOP of 8 - TCU batting

- MSU back to the bullpen. Kole Alford in to pitch for the Bulldogs.

- Wood singles. Hit it hard. MSU's Josh Hatcher couldn't glove it at first. TCU runner at first with nobody out.

- Henry walks. Wood moves up to second. Runners first and second with no one out for TCU.

- Rodgers strikes out looking. One out, runners still at first and second.

- MSU back to the bullpen. Chase Patrick is coming on for the Bulldogs, inheriting runners at first and second with one out.

- Humphreys fouls out to first. Two out. Runners still at first and second.

- Shepherd with a hot shot to third but MSU's Landon Jordan with a diving grab and throws Shepherd out. Inning over.

- MID 8 - TCU 3, MSU 1

BOTTOM of 8 - MSU batting

- Drew McGowan hitting for MSU. He strikes out. One down.

- Landon Jordan singles to center. MSU with a runner at first and one out with the top of the order coming up.

- Rowdey Jordan strikes out. Two outs. Runner still at first.

- Kamren James pops out to shallow left, caught by the shortstop. Inning over.

- END of 8 - TCU 3, MSU 1

TOP of 9 - TCU batting

- MSU to the bullpen again. Xavier Lovett on for the Bulldogs.

- Boyers grounds out to second. One out.

- Nunez grounds one right back to the pitcher. He's thrown out. Two outs.

- Sacco grounds out to short. Inning over. Last chance for MSU coming up.

- MID 9 - TCU 3, MSU 1

BOTTOM of 9 - MSU batting

- Tanner Allen strikes out. One out.

- Logan Tanner with a double to the gap in right-center. He's at second with one out. Potential tying run coming to the plate for MSU.

- Josh Hatcher RBI single to center. Tanner scores. TCU lead cut to 3-2. Hatcher at first with one out. Potential winning run comes to the plate for the Bulldogs.

- TCU going to the bullpen. Augie Mihlbauer on the mound now for the Horned Frogs. 

- Luke Hancock singles to left. Josh Hatcher all the way up to third. He's ruled safe, but they're reviewing it....and he is indeed safe. So State has runners at first and third with only one out. Davis Meche pinch running for Hancock at first.

- TCU back to the bullpen. Garrett Wright on. He inherits runners on the corners with only one out. Of course that's the potential tying run at third for MSU and the potential winning run over at first.

- Scotty Dubrule walks to load the bases with only one out. He walked on four pitches. None were close. 

- Drew McGowan grounds to second and it's a 4-6-3 double play to end it. Wow.

FINAL: TCU 3, Mississippi State 2


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