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Grading Mike Leach's Favorite Candy Choices

See a ranking of Mike Leach's favorite candies as mentioned in an interview after Mississippi State defeated Vanderbilt on Saturday.

In an interview after Saturday's victory over Vanderbilt, Mike Leach made it known how he feels about certain types of candy as Halloween approaches with Mississippi State set to take on the Kentucky Wildcats the night before the trick-or-treaters come out.

Read below to see how his favorite candies rank... report card style.  

Haribo Gummy Bears: A+

Leach is a good coach, and it seems like he has some pretty good taste buds as well. All gummy bears are delicious, but for him to specifically mention the Haribo brand shows that he has very refined taste. They're the perfect blend of squishy, fruity, and sweet, and no other gummy bear can match that. Imagine Leach walking into a store and looking specifically for the Haribo brand because none of the other brands suit his candy cravings. There are simply not enough good things to say about the Haribo gummy bears, and Leach recognizes that. If you ever want to get Coach a nice present for the work he puts in, maybe consider an extra large bag of these bad boys. 

Sprees (must be in the box): B

Every candy is better in the box. Not only is it easier to carry around and eat, something about candy coming out of a box just makes it taste so much better. Leach knows this, and he made it very obvious that the box is better every time. Sprees are an underrated candy. They are similar to Sweet Tarts, but they are bigger and have a crunchy coating. Plus, each box has a decent assortment of flavors, all of which are relatively strong. Is it safe to say that Coach Leach is a fan of the underdogs?

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Nerds Clusters: B+

Had Leach said regular Nerds that come in those tiny boxes, he would've gotten a much worse grade, but Nerds Clusters are amazing on so many levels. First off, they aren't messy and hard to handle. There is nothing worse than wanting to eat candy and pouring a box of itty bitty sour candies into the palm or your hand and hoping you don't spill them everywhere. Nerds Clusters are the perfect solution to that. They keep all of the Nerds in one place and make it super easy to eat in any situation. More importantly, those gummy balls are yummy. They have a texture similar to taffy, but a strong flavor that goes well with the crunchy Nerds on the outside. I imagine that this is Leach's go-to snack walking the sidelines on the practice field. 

Almond Joy: F

If there's any area that Leach's candy choice is not so elite in, it's the chocolate category. There are so many awesome things that chocolate can be combined with to make something delicious: caramel, peanut butter, almonds, and the list goes on. But coconut? It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's pretty close. Even a plain block of bland chocolate is better than chocolate blended with coconut. Honestly, how can anyone describe the taste of coconut? Thank goodness Leach tends to go for the fruity, gummy candy and has exquisite taste in that category.