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Arnett: 'There's Not A Better Atmosphere In College Football'

Mississippi State defensive coordinator Zach Arnett explained to reporters how the atmosphere in Davis Wade Stadium can impact the game.

As Alabama prepares to head to Starkville on Saturday, assistant coach Zach Arnett praised the atmosphere that has been created by fans in Davis Wade Stadium this season. 

"There is not a better atmosphere in college football," Arnett said, "and our guys love playing in front of it." 

This is high praise coming from Arnett, who serves as Mississippi State's defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. Before coming to Starkville, he was a defensive coordinator at San Diego State for two seasons. He has traveled to many different stadiums across the country with his teams, so for him to consider MSU as having the best atmosphere is quite the compliment. He also explained to reporters how playing in Davis Wade Stadium affects his defensive players and himself.

"It does make it a little hard if I've got to yell an adjustment from the sideline." Arnett said. "You know, that's one thing that last year is different than this year. Last year, you're playing in minimum capacity stadiums. There's no real noise so you can yell from the sideline 'hey, widen' whenever you need to." 

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In last year's game against the Crimson Tide, MSU lost by a score of 41-0. Although the game was played at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, there probably would not have been much of a difference if the game was played in Starkville. COVID restrictions put in place for college football did away with the idea of home-field advantage.

With this weekend's game against No. 5 Alabama taking place in the evening, the stadium is expected to be even more electric than usual. The use of cowbells should make an impact on the Crimson Tide's ability to communicate on the field and may play a large role in keeping the Bulldogs in the game. No matter how Alabama handles the noise, Arnett expects that his Bulldogs will be prepared to execute no matter what.

"Hopefully we're prepared in our assignment so we won't have to be yelling stuff, and they won't be able to hear it with the cowbells," Arnett said, "but, there's not a better atmosphere in college football."