Watch: Mike Leach Discusses Win Over NC State, Upcoming Matchup With Memphis

Leach met with the media Monday ahead of the team's game against Memphis.
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Mississippi State is 2-0 after it defeated NC State, 24-10 in Davis Wade Stadium on Saturday. 

Next up, the Bulldogs will face the Memphis Tigers, who are also 2-0, on the road. Playing outside of the home stadium presents a challenge for any team, but there's a lot to be optimistic about looking at the way the Bulldogs put on a much more consistent performance in all aspects on Saturday.

Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach discussed what he saw out of his team this past week as well as the upcoming game in his weekly press conference. One thingy he addressed was the decision to go for it on 4th & 7. 

"You’re in there closer to the goal line and if you punt it and it goes into the end zone, you’ve only gained 15 yards," Leach said. "I did think we’d make it. We had those hitches on the outside, but to be honest, they weren’t as open on that play, so he threw it behind Makai. We do it every day in practice, but he made a good play on the ball. If you ask Will, we’re gonna go for it every time."

I hear him out of the corner of my ear, but then I evaluate it and make the call. The combination of do you think you can get it, and what do you give up if you don’t get it. The other is my personal flaw – along with our team – of feeling like a failure if we don’t go in and score. We wanted another crack at it."

Watch below to hear everything Leach had to say on Monday: