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Philadelphia Eagles CB Darius Slay Addresses Recent US Supreme Court Decision

Darius Slay, a current NFL star and former Mississippi State Bulldog, has openly voiced his opinions regarding a recent United States Supreme Court decision.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay, a former Mississippi State star, took to Twitter to comment on a recent decision by the US Supreme Court.

On June 24, the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, a 1973 case that limited the restrictions that the government could put on abortions. The decision now enables state governments to make their own decisions regarding the legality of abortions. Some states -- such as Alabama and Mississippi -- are expected to enforce extremely heavy regulations. Places including California, New York and Pennsylvania have chosen to legalize abortion.

Many star athletes took to social media after the case was overturned to voice their opinions. Slay was one of many who voiced their opinions on the Supreme Court's decision, but he added another thought to his message: gun laws. He posted the following comment to his Twitter account for hundreds of thousands of fans to see.

"So abortion got banned before the government made better gun laws..."

Besides criticizing the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade, Slay is drawing attention to America's gun control debate. The mass shooting tragedies that occurred in May at Robb Elementary School in Texas and a supermarket in Buffalo are just two events that have sparked a heated conversation about enforcing stricter gun restrictions.

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Slay's tweet hints that he does not support the Supreme Court's decision regarding the Roe v. Wade case, but he does not explicitly take a side on the matter. Rather, he uses his voice to share that he simply wants his country to prioritize protecting citizens from gun violence.

Whatever happens over the next few weeks in regards to some recent events in the United States, Slay has shown that he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. He, along with many other public figures, will continue to make their voices heard in the coming weeks.