Fly Like Chi - The Malachi Coleman Story

Children's book by the Husker wide receiver
Fly Like Chi - The Malachi Coleman Story
Fly Like Chi - The Malachi Coleman Story /
In this story:

Malachi Coleman has a book detailing his incredible journey from foster child to being the #1 recruit coming out of Nebraska to starting wide receiver on the football team. Dr. Tom Osborne wrote the foreword and even signed 100 copies of the book with 100% of the purchase price going to charity. Chi also donates all his proceeds from the book to charity.

Below is the foreword to the book by Tom Osborne.

Malachi Coleman and his sister were abandoned when they were quite young after experiencing abuse from their birth father and neglect from their mother. Both were placed in the foster care system and bounced from one situation to another. They had trouble finding foster parents who would take both Malachi and his sister, as two children were more work than one.

Eventually they were both extremely fortunate to be adopted by a caring couple from Lincoln, Nebraska, and that is where things began to change. Malachi was blessed with exceptional athletic ability and went on to do well in school and excel in football and track. He was offered football scholarships by several major universities and eventually chose the University of Nebraska.

Athletes are now able to profit financially from the use of their name, image and likeness, now commonly referred to as NIL. Malachi has chosen to donate his NIL money to care for other young people who are in foster care rather than keep it for himself. In today’s “me first” culture this act of selflessness is extremely rare, particularly with a young person who has suffered extreme deprivation during his difficult journey as a child.

Malachi has a chance to go on and do great things as an athlete and to use his influence in a positive way. His story is an inspirational record of a young man who has overcome all odds and has chosen to serve others who have experienced the hardships he and his sister endured.

I think that readers will be inspired by this uplifting story.

Tom Osborne

You can see excerpts of the book and purchase it at this link.

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