NCAA Passes One-Time Transfer Rule For All Sports

The NCAA has officially opened up the opportunity for student-athletes in all sports to transfer once without penalty
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The NCAA has officially passed a rule that will allow student-athletes in all sports to transfer one time without penalty.

There are four conditions a student-athlete must meet to be eligible to transfer.

  • They must be enrolled full time at the school for the fall 2020 term.
  • It must be the first transfer from a four-year school.
  • The student-athlete must have left their previous school in good standing academically and not facing disciplinary suspension.
  • Both the head coach and the student-athlete must certify that impermissible recruiting did not take place.

Here's a quote from the NCAA release:

“The Council continued its trend of voting in favor of maximum flexibility for student-athletes during the pandemic,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania. “Allowing transfer student-athletes to compete immediately will provide additional opportunities to student-athletes during this continued difficult time, and perhaps allow games to be played that otherwise might not have been.”

This was inevitable, but I've been against the proposal from the beginning. Yes, it creates more player freedom, but ultimately it will do more harm than good, and more players will be impacted negatively than those that will be helped.

Like much of what the NCAA does, this was more reactionary than it was a well thought out decision that actually looks to do what is best for student-athletes.

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