Five Notre Dame Players Test Positive In Latest Round COVID-19 Testing

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame released its latest results for the weekly COVID-19 testing that is administered by University Physician Dr. Matt Leiszler, and five Fighting Irish football players tested positive.

In the release by Notre Dame, the program noted that the five tests were out of 232 total tests. Those players are now in isolation and their families have been notified, according to the release. Six more players were placed in quarantine due to contact tracing.

Additional tests were done after there was a spike in cases this past week amongst the student body. Notre Dame made the decision to cancel practice on Wednesday, in order to wait on the latest round of tests to return. That cautious move proved to be a wise one.

Notre Dame has now canceled practice on Thursday and will administer an additional round of tests to members of the football program on Friday morning.

The total negativity rate of 98.8% is still quite good, and in the 851 total tests administered to members of the football program, the overall negativity rate remains strong at 98.8%. 

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Comments (6)
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Bryan Driskell
Bryan Driskell


To follow up, a source informed me last night that only one of the players that tested positive had symptoms and he's been out of practice since the on-set of that.

These are very strong numbers for Notre Dame.


I'm glad we're holding back players from a virus they can't even tell they have and isn't causing them harm.


“ can't even tell they have”
Thus can be easily spread. That’s the whole point.

“isn't causing them harm”
But could cause serious harm to others including coaches, trainers, faculty and students. Not to mention unknown complications down the road like what the Georgia State QB is experiencing.

It’s attitudes like this that lead to the gatherings that have brought the ND campus to its knees, and allowed this virus to kill about 200K Americans so far with no end in sight.