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Isaiah Foskey Discusses Reasons For Returning To Notre Dame, Playing For A National Championship

Notre Dame defensive end Isaiah Foskey discussed his reasons for returning, including the desire to play for a national championship

Notre Dame got a huge boost this offseason when junior defensive end Isaiah Foskey decided to return for his senior season. That decision ensured that Notre Dame will once have one of the nation's best defensive lines.

Foskey discussed his decision to return this week as well as a number of other topics, including his confidence that Notre Dame is going into the 2022 season looking to compete for a championship, and the decision of Mike Elston to leave the program.

Here are some of Foskey's comments from the video:

On this decision to return to Notre Dame in 2022:

"The main thing was I believe in Coach Freeman and I just believe in the whole team team that we can actually win a national championship. I believe that we can actually do that. The best of both worlds, I can come back, develop as a defensive and not just as a pass rusher, but as an all-around defensive player, but I feel like this team can really win a national championship, that's the main reason I came back."

On improving his game:

"Everyone sees that I can get to the quarterback but I want to really emphasize that I can stop the run, hold the edge, make plays, make a lot more TFLs (tackles for loss) and of course make more sacks .... Another good reason why I came back too is I was close to the sack record." 

On Marcus Freeman becoming the next head coach:

"When Coach (Brian) Kelly left I wanted Coach Freeman to be the head coach .... All the defensive players were on board with him being the head coach."

"I'm excited what he can bring this team .... The people that he's bringing in, like Coach (Brian) Mason coming in, he's building more and more people to make a national championship run."

On the next defensive coordinator at Notre Dame:

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"I already feel like Coach Freeman has a good idea of what the defensive coordinator should be, what the identity is going to be. I feel like Coach Freeman is going to find someone that is going to have the same identity, same thinking that he did as a defensive coordinator. I would like the same defense as I was able to produce in and get production off the defense."

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