Talking Notre Dame Offense, RPOs, Running The Ball and Tyson Ford

We talk about the Notre Dame offense, RPOs, running the ball, Tyson Ford and much more in the latest WSBT Sportsbeat segment
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The Notre Dame offense is the primary topic of conversation in the latest WSBT Sportsbeat segment with Sean Stires and Darin Pritchett. We talk about the need for RPOs (Run Pass Option) in the offense, mixing up personnel groupings and how the need for change doesn't mean the offense can't still be about running the football.

We also talk about Notre Dame's latest commitment, talented top 100 defensive end Tyson Ford and other topics.

0:35 - Darin asks about Notre Dame's newest commitment, Class of 2022 defensive end Tyson Ford.

1:32 - Sean asks about the drop end position, how it translates and whether or not it will be a part of the Marcus Freeman defense.

3:40 - The conversation turns to the offense, and we discuss RPOs, and why it should be a part of the Notre Dame offense.

6:17 - We talk about whether or not Notre Dame has the athletes on offense to use in a versatile manner that would fit in a more explosive offense.

8:43 - Darin asks about whether or not incoming transfer quarterback Jack Coan has the tools needed to effectively execute RPOs.

10:57 - Next we talk about the possibility of Notre Dame mixing up its personnel packages on offense in 2021.

12:57 - We talk about power running game and play-action throws, and how that also should be a part of what Notre Dame must do on offense.

15:31 - Sean asks about the report that Freeman is bringing in Chad Bowman to be the defensive director of recruiting.

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