Notre Dame Commit Cane Berrong Named Nation's Best Tight End

SI All-American named Notre Dame commit Cane Berrong as the nation's top traditional tight end

SI All-American has already named Notre Dame 2021 tight end commit Cane Berrong as the player with the highest floor, and now they have named him their top traditional tight end in the country.

There are two tight end groups with SI All-American, with the H position being more of a hybrid player and the Y position being more traditional tight ends. Berrong can do both, but SI All-American put him in the traditional category, and he ranked ahead of some outstanding players.

Here is what SI All-American had to say about Berrong:

"While we list him as the top Y-Tight End prospect currently on our positional board, Berrong could just as easily be the top H-tight end as well. The Georgia native has ideal formational flexibility to be productive from many different alignments. Be it as a traditional in-line player, flexed in the slot, on the perimeter or from the wing, the Notre Dame commitment can produce and win his isolation matchups, while also presenting as a fine chess piece in an offensive scheme. Berrong has a plus receiving package, led by his solid hands and ability to catch in a crowd. His speed in the open field shows up on tape, as Berrong can turn shallows, crossers, drags and flats into chunk plays, while stretching the seams. He’s an impressive blocker, who can also be asked to escort runners through alleys in the run game. Berrong’s floor is among the highest in this class, and we feel strongly that he will ascend into a productive player in South Bend."

Listen to SI All-American Director of Recruiting John Garcia and SI analyst Edwin Weathersby II talk about Berrong:

To read the full Irish Breakdown evaluation of Berrong click HERE.

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