Notre Dame Is Now A Player For Talented Florida Defensive Back

Brian Smith

Notre Dame offered one of Florida’s most talented prospects when it extended a full ride to Tallahassee (Fla.) John Paul II Catholic safety Terrion Arnold. The Sunshine State prospect could help Notre Dame in a number of different ways.

Perhaps no other cornerbacks coach during Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly’s tenure came in with guns blazing more than newly hired position coach Mike Mickens. The former Cincinnati Bearcats coach resurrected Notre Dame’s cornerback recruiting board; further, he’s really been engaged with several cornerback prospects one-on-one.

The primary theme seems to be length. Five of the six recent offers stand at least 6-0. That’s something to think about moving forward. The prospect being discussed today fits right in with Mickens’ ideal cornerback prospect.

Arnold is ranked as a four-star recruit by Rivals, but both 247Sports and ESPN have him ranked as a three-star player. His film tells a completely different story.

Prospect Overview: Arnold plays for a 2A program and does not receive the attention he deserves from the media. That’s why his ranking does not match his 42 scholarship offers. Yes, 42!

Within the podcast below I explain further why that’s unfortunate, but when Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Notre Dame, Florida, USC, Florida State, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Miami (Fla.), Georgia Tech, Arizona State, Kentucky and Michigan State represent less than half of a prospect’s offers, that prospect should be considered elite and nothing less.

Arnold might be the most difficult prospect I have seen in this cycle to project an exact college position. As he’s ranked at three separate positions per the various recruiting services — safety, cornerback and athlete — it could factor into an otherwise head scratching ranking from each network.

A ferocious hitter from his safety position, as a cornerback, Arnold also projects to play that position quite well. His quick feet and aggressive nature make him an intriguing cornerback, whether as a boundary or field cornerback.

Offensively, he’s a playmaker at the wide receiver position; considering his natural skill level, one should expect Arnold to be able to play running back as well.

In short, Arnold is an outstanding prospect. Notre Dame will be battling numerous programs across the country for his services. With that in mind, Arnold did offer me a few comments about Notre Dame right before a workout Friday.

“It’s a prestigious school,” Arnold said about Notre Dame. “It’s about building relationships. Coach (Mike) Mickens is a cool guy.”

When asked about visits, Arnold once again reiterated nothing is set up, but he’s considering taking a look at Notre Dame firsthand.

Here’s a look at Arnold’s film. There will be four specific plays reviewed. First up, Arnold breaks up a pass. The important factor to consider here would be Arnold’s length. He’s capable of deflecting that pass with his speed and hustle, but it’s the length that finishes the play.

Next, Arnold literally takes away a touchdown, and even turns the play into a turnover. This aggression can change a game. Think about it. From giving up a touchdown to receiving the football first down and ten at the twenty-yard line. That’s a game-changing play.

Speaking of making a play. This next clip displayed Arnold’s willingness to be physical and make something out of nothing. Playing wildcat quarterback, Arnold takes on half of the opposition to gain extra yards.

This final play displayed Arnold’s hitting ability. When provided an opportunity, he delivered a clean hit to separate the wide receiver from the football. A message like this can change how wide receivers view going over the middle of the field and impact the final score.

While it will be a long time before anyone truly knows where Arnold will decide to play his college football, do note that Notre Dame is in the hunt. Arnold is intrigued by the Irish and he’s getting to know Mickens better. He would be a welcome addition to the Irish roster.

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Really, really talented player. He’s a top 50 player, in my opinion.

It’s going to be a tough pull as Arnold is one of Saban’s top defensive targets and has Florida, Florida State, and others pushing for his talents.


He's a baller. If Mickens can land him then he's a stud recruiter.