Cardale Jones Faces First Road Test in XFL Week 3

Bruce Hooley

You can debate whether Washington D.C. is a Republican or Democrat city, liberal or conservative, capitalism or socialism, but there's no doubt that when it comes to quarterbacks, it's an Ohio State town.

Dwyane Haskins enters the second year of his NFL career the unquestioned starter for the Washington Redskins and Cardale Jones has been the most noteworthy player so far not just as the QB of the DC Defenders, but through two weeks of the XFL.

Jones gives the fledgling spring league exactly what it needs, a compelling story line, a known name, a True Hollywood Story, someone who's easy to root for.

Most of the rest of the players in the XFL are anonymous.

Jones' 15 minutes of fame is entering its sixth year.

Of course he led Ohio State to the 2014 season's national championship in the first College Football Playoff, started eight games the following season after surprisingly returning to school, then couldn't stick with either the Buffalo Bills or San Diego Chargers in the NFL.

But Jones is getting his chance in DC and he's making the most of it, guiding his team to a 2-0 start entering a 6 p.m. Sunday game (FS1) at Los Angeles in an eight-team league that will finish its season in late April.

After that, Jones and other XFL players will be free to sign with NFL teams and try to make a roster in August.

"My goal is to win a champiosnhip here in the XFL with the DC Defenders," Jones said. "Whatever happens after that, happens."

It's hard to believe he won't get a look from the NFL, given that Jones is the top-rated quarterback in the XFL so far, according to the analytics site, Pro Football Focus.

He threw for 235 yards and two touchdowns in the leagues first-ever game and followed that last week with 276 passing yards and two more scores.

"I don't really see a huge difference other than some of the rule changes," said Jones, who has completed 62% of his passes. "...When it comes to the athletes, at the end of the day, all these guys are pros. We get paid to play professional football. I don't see a huge jump off or fall off in comparing the skill."

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