Haskell Garrett Recovery Update: He's Doing Better than Expected

Brendan Gulick

Less than one month ago, the Ohio State football community was frightened to learn that senior defensive lineman Haskell Garrett had been shot in the face while walking down the street on a Saturday evening.

Garrett miraculously survived the gunshot wound as the bullet went through each of his cheeks and didn't lodge in his body. Not only did he survive, but Garrett is recovering and perhaps on the precipice of even returning to the team. There are certainly no guarantees, but Buckeye nation got some good news on Tuesday.

Ohio State defensive coordinator and secondary coach Kerry Coombs gave this answer at the end of his press conference when asked about Garrett's condition.

“I think he’s probably not as far away as any of us would have thought, when you get shot in the face," Coombs said on Tuesday. "I would have thought season over, career over, and I don’t think that’s true.”

As Garrett continues to recover from the scariest night of his life, his family is seeking donations on GoFundMe to assist in covering his medical costs, which includes "extensive surgery and dental implants as his teeth and tongue were severely damaged due to the bullet wound impact."

The family mentioned on the GoFundMe account that they are requesting donations in conjunction with Ohio State and in accordance with appropriate NCAA legislation. Any donations that exceed the cost of the medical expenses will be donated to charity.

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