Halloween Game Thread: No. 6 Oklahoma State vs. Texas

No. 6 Oklahoma State is set for a Halloween showdown with a tough Texas team that's led by senior quarterback Sam Ehlinger.
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STILLWATER -- It's game day once again in Stillwater and we're set for a great game. No. 6 Oklahoma State is set to face off against a tough Texas team that's led by senior quarterback Sam Ehlinger.

The Cowboys take the field with one of the best defenses in the country and a talented offense that's looking to get back to its explosive ways.

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As they do for road games, the Longhorns are wearing all white, which means the Cowboys are wearing black from head to toe for this Halloween match up.

Can the Cowboys overlook the fact they're facing a struggling 3-2 Texas team and come away with their fifth win in a row? It should be a fun game to watch.


Oklahoma State is wearing an all black uniform with matte black helmets with a chrome orange brand logo, black jerseys and black pants.



Oklahoma State has won the toss and deferred to the second half. Texas will receive.

Reverse! Receiver Braydon Johnson takes the reverse back around the right side and picks up 19 yards.

TOUCHDOWN! Spencer Sanders finds Tylan Wallace from 11-yards out for the score! (10:23) Oklahoma State leads Texas 7-0

Punt! The Cowboy defense comes up with a huge stop on third and short to force the second-straight Texas punt. Pokes take over 1st and 10 from their own 16-yard line.

Touchdown: Following recovering a fumble on the OSU 15, Ingram gets into the end zone for Texas (8:31) Oklahoma State and Texas is tied 7-7

TOUCHDOWN! Spencer Sanders finds Landon Wolf from five yards out for the wide-open touchdown! (1:36) Oklahoma State leads Texas 14-7!

Screenshot_2020-10-31 Tex 7, OSU 14 - (QTR 1)


Touchdown: Ehlinger finds Eagles from 41-yards out for the score (13:20) Oklahoma State and Texas are tied 14-14

Interception: Spencer Sanders throws an interception, his second turnover on the day, and it's taken by to the OSU eight-yard line by Jalen Green.

Field goal: Oklahoma State is able to keep Texas out of the end zone, but the Longhorns take their first lead of the day (10:56) Oklahoma State trails 17-14.

HUGE PICK UP! Spencer Sanders with the quarterback keeper picks up 35-yards down to the Texas five-yard line! First and goal Oklahoma State.

TOUCHDOWN! Spencer Sanders finds Chuba Hubbard from five yards out for the score! (8:15) Oklahoma State leads Texas 21-17!

Punt! The Oklahoma State defense forces another Texas punt following a great third down stand that forced Sam Ehlinger to throw the ball away. First and 10 OSU from their own 17-yard line.

Field goal! Alex Hale knocks home a 31-yard field goal (1:49) Oklahoma State is back on top 24-17.

SACK! Brock Martin comes up with a HUGE sack of Sam Ehlinger with a loss of six yards!

Field goal: Texas knocks home a 40-yard field goal (:03) Oklahoma State leads 24-20.


Screenshot_2020-10-31 Tex 20, OSU 24 - (QTR 2)

Oklahoma State will start the second half with the ball

PUNT! The Cowboy defense comes up with another HUGE stop on third and long to force the sixth Texas punt of the day!

TOUCHDOWN! Spencer Sanders finds Tylan Wallace from nine-yards out for the touchdown! (8:09) Oklahoma State up 31-20!

Touchdown: D'Shawn Jamison returns the kickoff 100-yards for the touchdown, but following a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty, Texas misses the extra point (7:57) Oklahoma State leads 31-26

Screenshot_2020-10-31 Tex 26, OSU 31 - (QTR 3)


Touchdown : Ehlinger finds Smith from 12-yards out and completes the two-point conversion (4:27) Oklahoma State trails 34-31

FIELD GOAL! Alex Hale just hit the biggest field goal of his career, 34-yards (:05) Oklahoma State tied with Texas 34-34

Screenshot_2020-10-31 Tex 34, OSU 34 - (QTR 4)


Touchdown: Ehlinger finds Joshua Moore from 15-yards out, Oklahoma State trails 41-34

Sack: Spencer Sanders is sacked for a 13-yard loss and a turnover on downs.


Screenshot_2020-10-31 Tex 41, OSU 34 - (QTR 5)