Scholarship Numbers in Football, Can Oklahoma State Add Four More Initials?

Robert Allen

STILLWATER -- As mentioned in the story on linebacker Kevin Henry going into the transfer portal, Henry is the seventh scholarship player this season to go into the NCAA Transfer Portal. The others are: running back Jahmyl Jeter, wide receiver Patrick McKaufman, cowboy back Grayson Boomer, linebacker Blake Barron, cornerback Xavier Player, cornerback JayVeon Cardwell, and safety Kris McCune.

Back in fall camp, graduate transfer defensive lineman Kyle Junior left the team before the start of classes and he too, later entered the transfer portal, but we don't count him being from Oklahoma State since he never attended a class or played in a single game. Cornerback Lamarcus Morton was also off the team before the start of the season. 

This season was a small senior class for the Cowboys with guard Marcus Keyes, center Johnny Wilson, quarterback Dru Brown, wide receiver Jordan McCray, cowboy back Larry Joubert Jr., defensive end Michael Scott, linebacker Philip Redwine-Bryant, cornerback A.J. Green, cornerback Bryce Balous, and kicker Matt Ammendola as the only scholarship seniors. Before this season, Joubert Jr., who was injured was put on medical scholarship. In essence there were only nine scholarship seniors. 

A quick accounting of the roster with regards to the 85 scholarship limit is below. This includes freshmen and recent incoming transfers from the NCAA Transfer Portal, all players on scholarship. You might also note that some of the new jersey numbers and a couple of number changes are reflected.

Quarterbacks (3)

3-Spencer Sanders, RS-So.

9-Brendan Costello, RS-Fr.

16-Shane Illingworth, Fr.

Running Backs (5)

4-Deondrick Glass, RS-Fr.

7-L.D. Brown, RS-Sr.

27-Dezmon Jackson, RS-Jr.

30-Chuba Hubbard, RS-Jr.

Freshman Reporting in the Summer: Zach Middleton

Wide Receivers (12)

1-Landon Wolf, RS-Sr.

2-Tylan Wallace, Sr.

8-Braydon Johnson, RS-Jr.

10-Tyrell Alexander, RS-Sr.

15-Jonathan Shepherd, RS-So.

17-Dillon Stoner, RS-Sr.

18-L.C. Greenwood, RS-Jr.

35-C.J. Moore, RS-So.

88-Langston Anderson, RS-So.

Freshmen Reporting in the Summer: Rashod Owens, Matt Polk, Brennan Presley

Cowboy Backs (5)

82-Quinton Stewart, Fr.

84-Dayton Metcalf, RS-Sr.

87-Logan Carter, RS-Sr.

89-Jelani Woods, RS-So.

90-Braden Cassity, RS-So.

Offensive Linemen (18)

50-Ry Schneider, RS-Sr.

52 Jacob Farrell, RS-So.

60-Tyrese Williams, RS-So.

66-Joe Michalski, RS-Fr.

67-Cole Birmingham, RS-Fr.

68-Taylor Miterko, RS-Fr.

70-Hunter Woodard, RS-So.

71-Monroe Mills, Fr.

72-Josh Sills, Transfer, RS-Sr. (Could apply for extra year due to injury)

73-Teven Jenkins, RS-Sr.

74-Preston Wilson, RS-Fr.

75-Eli Russ, Fr.

76-Dylan Galloway, RS-Sr.

77-Hunter Anthony, RS-So.

78-Bryce Bray, RS-So.

79-Matt Kegel, RS-Sr.

Freshman Reporting in the Summer: Cade Bennett and Trent Pullen

Defensive Linemen (16)

35-Samuela Tuihalamaka, RS-So.

37-Isreal Isuman-Hundley, RS-Fr.

40-Brock Martin, RS-Jr.

42-Jayden Jernigan, So.

56-Xavier Ross, RS-Fr.

89-Tyler Lacy, RS-So.

91-Tyren Irby, JC Transfer, RS-Jr.

92-Cameron Murray, RS-Sr.

93-Collin Clay, Transfer, So.

94-Trace Ford, So.

95-Israel Antwine, RS-Jr.

96-Kody Walterscheid, RS-Fr.

97-Amadou Fofana, RS-Jr.

98-Brendon Evers, RS-Jr.

99-Sione Asi, RS-Jr.

Freshman Reporting in the Summer: Grant Mahon

Linebackers (9)

1-Calvin Bundage, RS-Sr.

7-Amen Ogbongbemiga, RS-Sr.

16-Devin Harper, RS-Sr.

20-Malcolm Rodriguez, Sr.

36-Na'Drian Dizadare, RS-Fr.

44-Kamryn Farrar, RS-Fr.

Freshmen Reporting in the Summer: Mason Cobb, Jeff Roberson, and Cole Thompson

Cornerbacks (8)

2-Tanner McCalister, Jr.

8-Rodarius Williams, RS-Sr.

10-Thomas Harper, So.

22-Demarco Jones, RS-Fr.

27-Gabe Lemons, RS-So.

Freshmen Reporting in the Summer: Korie Black, Jabbar Muhammad, and Jordan Reagan

Safeties (7)

3-Tre Sterling, RS-Jr.

5-Kolby Harvel-Peel, Jr.

12-Kanion Williams, RS-So.

14-Nicolas Session, Fr.

15-Sean Michael-Flanagan, RS-So.

24-Jarrick Bernard, Jr.

25-Jason Taylor II, RS-So.

Specialist (2)

20-Tom Hutton, So.

39-Jake McClure, RS-Jr.

Our accounting shows that Oklahoma State right now is at 85 scholarships with 43 offensive players, 40 defensive players, and two specialist. 

We know Oklahoma State is going to attempt to recruit and sign four more initials as they have used up 21 of the allowable 25. They signed 18 players in December, have a firm commitment from cornerback Jabbar Muhammad in the freshman class. I consider him a signee. They added two transfers in defensive lineman Collin Clay from Arkansas and offensive lineman Josh Sills from West Virginia.  That adds up to 21 and will leave the four initials left. 

In fact, this weekend Oklahoma State will have a junior recruiting day and may also have some official visitors for the finish of the 2020 class. 

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Orange Tuono
Orange Tuono

Great reporting RA. VERY excited at how young all the position groups are (excepting LB). Bodes well Pokes football.