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Three Questions Penn State Will Bring to Training Camp

The Lions resolved some things this spring. Here's what they still need to answer before opening the season at Purdue.
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Penn State coach James Franklin closed spring drills Saturday by saying the team had answered some questions while extending others to August training camp.

In a previous piece, we looked at the questions Penn State addressed this spring. Now let's examine those that will remain ahead of the season opener at Purdue. Here are three positions that Franklin noted will be atop his to-do list.

Penn State offense Blue-White Game
Penn State Curtis Jacobs
Jake Pinegar Penn State

Next up for Penn State: a few weeks off, followed by the team's discretionary period, during which quarterback Sean Clifford said he expects a significant commitment from the full team.

After that, Franklin and the coaching staff will assess the team before camp.

"One of the things that I love to do preseason every year before the fall and every year before the spring is, let’s rank our 22 best players," Franklin said. "And then based on that ranking, that should dictate how we play on offense and defense. Let's rank our units, offensive line through quarterback and everywhere in between, and [determine] what's our strongest units to our weakest units. And then as coaches at the end of the year, let's re-rank it and see if it plays out the same way.

"You've got a chance as a position coach to fix your position group if it was the last-ranked group on offense or defense. Let's fix it."

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