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South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp opted to cancel practice on Monday to allow time for his team to hold a demonstration on campus. 

The Gamecocks started by marching in front of Russell House and heard a number of players speak including Jabari Ellis and Jay Urich.

The Gamecocks weren't the only SEC team to take action as Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide also led a demonstration Monday. 

Over the weekend , Ole Miss became one of the first SEC teams to protest. 

The events stem after video surfaced of Jacob Blake of Wisconsin being shot in the back by police. 

“Obviously you’ve seen the video, the Jacob Blake situation in Wisconsin is a horrific situation," Muschamp said after Saturday's scrimmage. "A team demonstration supporting racial equality and being totally against police brutality, our leadership group came to me on that. We want to make a statement on our campus. We’re going to do that. I think some other student athletes will join us, hopefully.”

When asked if he believes the Gamecocks are rushing to the defense of Blake too hastily, Muschamp shut down the notion.

“All I can tell you is what I saw on video; it wasn’t right in my opinion,” he said. “It wasn’t right in our players’ opinion and I’m gonna stand up for that.”

Before the Gamecocks led their first march back in June, Muschamp said that at this time in America, we've moved past the time of talking and everyone must do the work to ensure a better future.

“[We want to] continue to build relationships that bring down the barriers that we have in our country,” he said. “But I think the two words as a team that we took from this was educating and communicating. The more you know about somebody the more you feel comfortable with them and that's what we've got to continue to do. The two unacceptable words at this time as a team that we talked about was silence and violence. Actions are louder than words. I can put out a paragraph on social media that does nothing compared to what we did Friday as a football team, but the actions are what we need. We can't be silent about racial inequality at this time. Violence, Dr. King once said ‘hate begets hate, violence begets violence,’ and that's still true. “