Peel it Back Ep. 2

Tawny Davis

The second episode of Peel it Back is here! In this episode we are missing Maya Lockett but made up for it on our guest today, Samantha Croston. Samantha is also a Broadcast and Digital Journalism student at Syracuse University and we were very excited to have her on the show today. in today's show we focused on football's game yesterday as well as the incoming players to the basketball men's team but with Sam today we got to talk about the exciting things that are happening on the both men's and women's lacrosse teams.

For the first topic today, Syracuse football unfortunately lost yesterday to Pittsburgh 21-10 and we dove into why we thought they lost and what we think the teams needs to do to prepare for Saturday's home game. We also talk about the journey of Rex Culpepper and what he has done to get on the field.

The next topic was about the amazing recruits men's and women's lacrosse have to add this year. Sam really provided some insight on what the team is going to look like this year as well as an amazing partnership that Syracuse Sports Illustrated has in store. 

Our last topic had to deal with the incoming players for the men's basketball team this year. We spoke about what assistant head coach Adrian Autry had to say about each of those players and what they will be bringing to the team. We also talked about the NCAA start date and what that could mean for the team.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to even more!