Peel it Back Ep. 7

Peel it Back Ep. 7
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Welcome back to Peel it Back! We know we missed a week but were back and ready to dive into a lot of topics for today! 

We first had to say our congrats to the LA Dodgers for their World Series win. Maya was really excited for me to bring it up and rub it in that LA is now a city of champions. While I congratulate them, I hope that Maya won't get too excited

We were also asked by first commenter to talk about the NFL. We talked about the league as a whole and the went into our predictions for the Super Bowl. Will Tampa make it their first year with Brady or with the craziness that is 2020 bring in a wild card into Super Bowl fame?

We then got into college ball. We talked about Clemson's Trevor Lawrence and his positive covid case and what that means for the Tigers. We also discussed the loss at Death Valley and what it could possibly mean for the game against Wake Forest.

We finally were able to be excited that there is at least one scheduled game in the future for Syracuse Men's Basketball. With the team set to play Rutgers on December 8th or 9th, we finally have an exciting game to look forward to. The team also has a game that is set for November 27 against Bryant but that is still yet to be confirmed.

We hope you enjoy this episode and please look forward to the next!