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What Would Become Olympic Sports if Football or Basketball Don't Play

So much is still uncertain about this upcoming sports season for Syracuse. Will fans be able to attend games? If one or more player regardless of the sport tests positive for COVID-19, will that sport or all have to stop their season? The biggest one that is up in the air is, if the largest and major revenue producing sports, football and basketball, do not have a season this year, what will become of the Olympic sports seasons. 

The Olympic sports rely greatly on the revenue of the two major sports, even during normal seasons. If there is no football or basketball this year, the budgets for sports like volleyball, track & field, lacrosse and many others will have to be reduced dramatically. If football and basketball do play this year, they will have to be subjected to social distancing requirements like reduced capacity or no fans at all allowed at games, which will also reduce the revenue. 

There is also the matter of the players themselves, mostly scholarship athletes. Scholarships, room & board and other essentials for scholarship athletes have to be honored. With athletes also being granted an additional year of eligibility, the recruitments of new athletes diminish, which would lead to some savings for the school. 

Even with all of this uncertainty, Syracuse and the ACC fully intend to play football this year, which would make the Olympic sports breathe a sigh of relief. With all this chaos happening this year, at least so far we can look forward to a sports season.

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