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Coming off of one of the more improbable upset losses of the young college football season to Appalachian State, the Texas A&M Aggies football program was already plenty embarrassed

After all, they paid the Mountaineers $1.5 million to come into Kyle Field and knock them from the No. 6 ranking in the country all the way down to No. 24 in the most recent AP Top 25 poll.

However, now another issue has surfaced for the Aggies, with the university coming under fire for the most recent edition of Midnight Yell Practice at Kyle Field. 

In what is one of the more famous traditions in college football, yell practice takes place on the Friday night before each game. 

And in this particular instance, things got out of hand, with the yell leader giving an insulting, insensitive and cringe-worthy speech about the Mountaineers. 

“I’m not gonna lie to y’all. I had to google this team to make sure they were even real,” the yell leader said. “I was really confused because Appalachian is definitely not a state. But sure enough, I found them, and they are located deep, and I mean DEEP in the backwoods, just like you would think any hillbilly college that names themselves ‘the Mountaineers."

“I just hope that these guys can get here tomorrow alright, because I know for a fact that half of their football team can barely even read the name on their jerseys, let alone, read a map! It’s a shame that the only two brain cells that these guys have left are going to get knocked out by our wrecking crew defense tomorrow.”

The Aggies are hoping to climb back from their embarrassing loss when they welcome the No. 13 Miami Hurricanes to Kyle Field on Saturday night. 

Hopefully, without another embarrassing pep rally to explain ahead of time. 

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